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Move D – Inside the Freero Dome – Smallville Records

David Moufang, aka Move D, has a golden touch when it comes to producing records. A veteran of the scene, whose small beginnings in Heidelberg didn’t hold him back from becoming one of the most respected DJs and producers in the electronic scene. His latest release sees him team up with Smallville Records again, a perfect home for his deep and melodic grooves. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for the label, as they recently said goodbye to its record store in Hamburg.

The EP’s title track, ‘Inside the Freero Dome’, kicks off with indistinct murmurs of people chatting away, reminiscent of the anticipation one might feel before your favorite DJ gets behind the booth: something we’ve all been looking forward to after lockdowns. After a small wait, the heartbeat of the track rises to set the pace; harmoniously intertwining with a majestic piano synth, so gently played it never overpowers the track. Crisp and bright high hats dance along with the bassline, playfully lifting the energy and driving the rhythm throughout. That longing to return to the dancefloor, among the euphoria, is something truly encapsulated in this one.

Something much deeper beckons on, ‘The System is…’ It’s purposefully spacious, the pulsating dub-bass the only constant. It’s this restraint that allows other elements to trickle in and out, burgeoning together to create a moody and mystical ambience. It’s prime for building energy in any DJ set, and the spellbinding effects are classic Move D: there really is no one better at this dark art.

The mood is certainly lifted on EP closer, ‘Swarm Robot Love’. Warm synth-lines melt together with uplifting piano keys, as softly hit drums sit in the pocket avoiding the beat of peak-time. Maracas shake and xylophones reverberate, reflecting the lightness of the track, and with it only crossing the 4-minute mark it leaves you wanting more.

And as the saying goes, with every ending there is a new beginning, and the future certainly looks bright for Smallville Records.

Move D’s ‘Inside the Freero Dome’ is out now via Smallville Records. Purchase your copy here.

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