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Mr. G and Duncan Forbes unveil ‘Time To Dip’

Via FUSE label.

Photo Credit: Mr. G/Duncan Forbes – Facebook

UK house music legend Colin McBean, also known as Mr. G, has collaborated with his long-time friend and creative partner Duncan Forbes to showcase their latest project on Enzo Siragusa’s label, FUSE. The ‘Time To Dip’ EP is the result of the artists’ shared passion for house music and innate chemistry, resulting in four tracks that are loaded with quality.

The title track, ‘Time To Dip,’ is an energetic dancefloor tune featuring female vocals and hazy textures. Duncan’s ‘Sherbert Dip’ mix highlights the vocals, with shuffling drums and melodies building around the elements. ‘All Night’ is a vibrant track that combines rich Rhodes, swirling leads, and sharp hats with subtle jazzy textures. Forbes’ ‘In The Zone’ remix provides an immersive, dubby late-night journey.

Speaking about the EP, Mr. G said, “This EP was inspired by what I heard while standing on the stage before my set at FUSE at Printworks. When I got back, I told D that I wanted to do something based around what I had heard, never really thinking Enzo or FUSE would get it, but how wrong we were. It’s another fantastic collaboration with D, which makes this joint EP so unique yet special… I feel it covers many different bases and tempos, a real gem. I am excited to see what people make of it.”

Listen to ‘Time To Dip’ EP  below and get your copy here.

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