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Mr. Oizo celebrates ‘Flat Beat’ anniversary with limited edition plushs of Flat Eric and Flat Eric Junior

Two decades after his first appearance.

Mr. Oizo has released a Flat Eric collection toy, the stuffed animal that appeared twenty years ago in the ‘Flat Beat’ video, a piece from which the character achieved international fame and led the producer to stardom.

In this presentation, the character has a son named Flat Eric Junior, and both will go on sale in a special box, designed in collaboration, by the AllRightsReserved brand and the French designer Michael Dupuoy. Part of the appeal is that both figures can attach together by magnets on their hands.

On the website, the makers revealed that there will be 2500 boxes available, and clarified that it is not a toy for children, but a collectible doll.

Watch the video below and reserve yours here.

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