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Music agent Ben Kouijzer fighting to survive MPNST

Ben has managed the likes of Roger Sanchez, Meduza, and Craig David.

Live music agent Ben Kouijzer is suffering from a rare and aggressive soft tissue cancer and is now battling for his life after contracting Covid in Mexico, following the tough decision to travel there for alternative treatment, when the NHS told him that there was nothing more they could do to help him in August, 2019.

One month ago it was confirmed that due to the alternative treatment his tumors had reduced by 50% and some lesions had completely disappeared, but Ben’s journey took a devastating turn just days later when he was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties. Immediately intubated and placed into a medically induced coma, he tested positive for COVID-19. For now, he remains in the Intensive Care Unit, fighting aggressive infections and clinging onto his life, while his fiancé Lotte remains in quarantine alone.

Lotte is managing a very complex situation in Mexico and doing the best she can to navigate this extremely worrying and stressful situation, alongside Ben’s daily health issues and the need to keep paying the hospital bills to keep him alive.

With hospital fees amassing over $5,000 a day, Ben’s fight to survive is only made possible by the generous donations and outpouring of love from around the world – including an incredible rally of the music industry.

To date, £220,000 has been raised – with almost £80,000 of that for his most recent emergency treatment. If you’d like to get involved, you can check out the GoFundMe that Lotte set up on Ben’s behalf, here.

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