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Music data takes centre stage with UMEK & Viberate

The techno producer’s analytics platform is putting the artists first.

A recent study has revealed that over 60,000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify each day, and every artist’s new release is competing with nearly 100 million others for attention. The fight to become one of the industry’s best and brightest is real, and UMEK’s team is well aware of it – after all, they’ve been in the business for over 25 years now.

Knowing that artists can take their careers into their own hands by relying on market data instead of big label support, UMEK’s team champions the use of data analytics. Viberate, their music research and analytics platform, is now at the forefront of such tech providers.

As UMEK explains: ‘We monitor all major social, streaming and music channels – radio, Spotify, Beatport, Instagram, YouTube, etc. – in one place. From the data gathered, we create insights that artists can use to boost their streaming numbers, understand music markets worldwide, engage their fanbase, and save money on promotional efforts.’

‘I’ve been using analytics for several years now to pinpoint the best moment to launch a track on Beatport, or to evaluate potential collabs, and it saved me from a lot of unnecessary struggles. Data is an incredibly powerful thing, and I’m excited to see that other DJs are finally using it to their advantage.’ UMEK continues.

The best part? Viberate’s team made sure everything is neatly visualized for easier use, and you can test-drive the analytics for free. If you’re an artist, you can start by checking if your page is already on Viberate to get a feeling of what analytics can do for you.

You can learn more about the platform here.

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