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Purple Kaiser – Purple Dreams – Ballroom Purple

Purple Kaiser – Purple Dreams – Ballroom Purple

Purple Kaiser is the melodic house-focused alias of German techno artist Kaiser Souzai who has earned much admiration for his tracks on labels like Codex, Tronic, and his own Ballroom Black.

Moving away from the dark and techno that Kaiser Souzai fans have come to expect, Purple Kaiser’s style falls in line with other artists such as Guy J, Dave Seaman, and Einmusik.

The next Purple Kaiser release is an EP titled ‘Purple Dreams’ which is the second sampler taken from a forthcoming album scheduled for early 2021, and it’s a marvelous EP filled with mystique.

‘Purple Bantei’ is the track that opens the show with its cosmic synth work and ethereal pads that provide a hauntingly beautiful journey into the most magical parts of the dance floor. Sparking imagination and full of energy from the dramatic percussion, it is a wonderous track that sets a high bar for the other two cuts on the release.

Not to be outshone, ‘Purple Cycles’ takes up the mantle to continue the EP’s rather spectacular voyage into sound. A little bit darker, it builds suspense as it leads towards the splendor of the main breakdown, where things get a little tense with a soundscape of dramatic texture before plunging back into the rhythms of the percussion.

Finally, ‘Purple Hazed’ closes out the EP with a subdued progression and extended notation that delivers a drawn-out sense of anticipation. Mournful and poignant, it has a reflective mood that sparks an emotive response that would certainly enchant a dance floor while its rhythmic elements provide the key ingredients for enraptured dancing. This mix of mood is always a useful tool for DJs who like to take their audience on a journey.

The release is already available. Grab your copy here.

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