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My Favorite Robot mixes the first installment of the EG AFTER series

We had the chance to talk to the guys from My Favorite Robot and ask them a few questions. Here’s how it went…

EG: We’re stoked to start our new series EG After with My Favorite Robot. What inspiration comes into play when building a session for “The After-hours”?

MFR: The way we approached this mix is by picturing coming back to our flat with a bunch of our friends after a big party. Everyone kind of chilling at first, having a night cap but then, as it usually happens, someone gets that little twinkle in their eyes and says “let’s keep going” and the after party really begins. We wanted to make the mix represent that initial relaxed feel leading into that 2nd wind of after party madness and ending with the moment that everyone finally passes out for good this time. Wink wink.

EG: What is the main advantage and disadvantage of working as a trio?

MFR: 6 arms, 6 legs and 3 heads! Just think of the possibilities! That actually answers both sides of the question.

EG: What challenges are presented when playing at festivals versus clubs?

MFR: We enjoy the experience of playing both immensely. At festivals, one always has to take note of the sound challenge as often certain styles of music don’t come out as well on a huge sound system and some parts of the tracks will get lost so selecting carefully is a must. Clubs are more intimate vs festivals so most times you can see the faces of your audience which makes it a more personal experience and challenges you to take them for a ride. You also normally play a longer set than at festivals so it’s a more creative experience as opposed to festivals where you tend to compress a usual MFR set into an hour and a half or so which can be great but doesn’t let you really settle in so you have to think fast.

EG: My Favorite Robot has delivered some amazing releases. What should we expect from it moving forward?

MFR: We have some cool releases coming out this year. We just signed an EP to Sasha’s Last Night on Earth label as well as New York’s Sheik n Beik imprint. We also have a collaboration with legends Northern Lite coming out soon on BeFree as well as new remixes on Sincopat, Blindetonation and we’re very excited to release a remix package of our 2 EP’s from 2015 on our own label, featuring some great artists such as Timo Mass, Eric Volta, Villanova and Kezokichi.

EG: From some time now we’ve seeing a lot of parties feature a great number of artists with reduce set times. Does this format limit the artistic expression? Does it change the vision or interpretation from the listener?

MFR: Well, the more it goes the more it seems we are living in a short attention span society. It’s hard to understand the musical point of a giant line up with short sets. Nobody ends up really having a full experience. The DJ doesn’t get to explore and get creative much and the audience just gets a small taste of every DJ’s music so there’s not much flow or emotion to the experience. I guess it’s necessary these days in order to draw big crowds but it would be amazing to see a festival that would curate the lineup based on style of music and let the artists playing really get into their zone. It would make for quite the amazing experience for a young audience as these days they’re mostly used to paying huge ticket fees just to hear rapid fire sets from their favorite acts .
EG: Thanks for your time guys… and for the unique session.


1. Jori Hulkkonen – Black Books ( Kenny Glasgow Remix ) – My Favorite Robot Records
2. Donics & Garibotti – Take Me Down – State Of Grace
3. Nuclear Winter Garden – A New Cold War – My Favorite Robot Records
4. Tame Impala – Yes Iím Changing – Interscope
5. Slow Porn – Shapeshifting ( Slow Porn Remix ) – My Favorite Robot Records
6. Cabaret Nocturne – Blood Walk – Beachcoma
7. Headman/robi Insinna Feat. Red Axes – Barbarism Rework – Relish
8. Red Axes Feat. Zidan – Hope – Multi Culti
9. Colder – Your Kind ( Kasper Bjorke Remix ) – Bataille
10. Low Manuel – The Beach – Beachcoma
11. Yosoy – Soldier ( Slow Porn Version ) – My Favorite Robot Records
12. Gabriel Ferreira – Slow Sugar – Blindetonation
13. Jake Fairley – Cold World ( Trance-rock Mix ) – Sender Records
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