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Myd shares 3 creative studio tips ahead of his North American Tour

French singer/producer/DJ Myd has unveiled the deluxe version of his debut album ‘Born A Loser’. The deluxe issue features new tracks from this year (featuring Jungle, Picard Brothers, JAWNY), remixes, and unreleased live versions from Myd’s sold-out show at L’Olympia.

The original album, released in 2021 on Ed Banger Records / Because Music, has racked up 100 million streams to date and earned Myd the French equivalent of a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and the SXSW Film Champion Award. ‘Born A Loser’ included hit singles ’The Sun’, which went gold worldwide this year, and ‘Moving Men’, featuring Mac Demarco.

Coming off festival sets, tours in Europe and the UK, his first Ibiza show, and a US DJ tour earlier this year – Myd is now bringing a live tour to North America for the first time in December.

To celebrate the release of the deluxe version of  Myd’s ‘Born A Loser’ album and the kick-off of his North American tour,  the french artist invited EG into the studio for 3 creative and health-related tips.

Catch Myd  live at:

December 2nd – The Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York, NY
December 3rd – Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON
December 4th – Le Studio TD, Montreal, QB
December 9th – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA
December 10th – The El Rey, Los Angeles, CA
December 11th – Tropico Festival, Acapulco, MX

1. Create accidents that’ll inspire you with the two dice

Always have two dice in your studio and a paper sheet with all your instruments and gears corresponding to a number. (For those geeks of you who got an incredible amount of gear, crazy dice with gigantic amounts of faces exist !!!)

When the lack of inspiration shows, roll the dice and combine those two elements. It can be “put the Juno thru the JazzChorus guitar amp”, or “play this drum pattern with a guitar”, or “imitate the kick drum with your mouth”, etc… That will create the spark that’ll ignite your creativity.

2. Fun is uninhibiting: the costume trunk

A studio session is most of the time as weird as a first date. You’re meeting a human being to create something really intimate with them. You’ll have to share ideas, sing in front of each other, and express opinions and tastes. It’s definitely intimidating! That’s why there’s always a costume trunk in my studio to defuse this weird and cringe beginnings vibe. If I’m dressed as Harry Potter, my guitarist as a fireman, and our guest as a bear, it’s instantly more easy to communicate and have fun in the studio.

3. Eat garlic, it’s good for your ears

It changed my life. I’m listening to music all the time: at concerts, studios, and even when I walk around with my Airpods. Eating garlic helped me recover faster from ear tiredness. It makes your blood flow around your entire body including the inner ears. It reduces inflammation, especially around the ears, and aids hearing by providing constant and continuous blood flow to the inner ears.

Myd’s deluxe version of ‘Born A Loser’ is out now. Purchase your copy here.

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