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Mz Worthy shares her current favorite tracks

No one knows how to push the boundaries of house music quite like Mz Worthy. With a deeply intuitive understanding of production, she’s shown reverence to the traditional form of classic house even while tripping off the mark & sinking into euphoric, less-charted territories of booty-clapping bass. Attaching ‘Mz’ to her name, Mz Worthy marks the new era of her career. With a new relationship to DJing, she connects with her music and her audience like never before. Despite over two decades in the scene, she continuously felt disconnected from the world and her fans. After years of repressing feelings of gender dysphoria, Mz Worthy came out as transgender in 2020. Describing the discovery as pieces of a puzzle coming together, she has invited her fans to join her on her journey in finding herself. Feeling a sense of freedom like never before, she has become more expressive in her music and mixing.

Today, The producer/DJ formerly known as Worthy releases her new single ‘Love & Give ’, and reveals the new era of her career attaching ‘Mz’ to her name. Out now via Dirtybird, the bouncy, euphoric spin on traditional house marks a major moment for the artist as she embarks on the long-awaited next chapter of her life.

1. Georgia – Til I Own It – Domino Rec

‘I just discovered this song by the amazing UK artist, Georgia. I love so many of her songs! ‘Til I Own It’ has this great 80s vibe which I am always a sucker for. This has become my song for this year as I work to truly become myself and own it.’

2. Maur – Deep Inside – SOLA

‘This song became my closing track for a lot of sets at the bigger shows/festivals I played in 2021. I just love dancing around to the vibe and the message of this one. When I close my eyes listening to this, I get brought back to those moments from this past year.’

3. Ezra Furman – Every Feeling – BMG

‘I was watching the show ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix when this song came on. I felt this intense connection to the lyrics. It felt like every word that was being sung was exactly what I was going through in coming to terms with myself as trans. “Fuck the Guilt, Fuck the Hurt, Fuck Sadness, Fuck the Shame….” When I went to find out more about the song, I was not surprised to find the singer was trans as well. I still get pretty choked up when I listen to this song.’

4. Husbands – Like To Party

‘I have just been in love with this band since I discovered them this past year. They have so many songs that I love it was hard to pick just one. This one hits me in a spot that feels so good.’

5. Lindstrøm – Closing Shot – Smalltown Supersound

‘I have always loved Lindstrøm and had not listened to him in quite a while, but I heard Victoria Rawlins play this on her Twitch radio show and fell back in love with this. Lindstrøm just takes you on such an amazing sonic synth journey on ‘Closing Shot’.’

6. Petit Biscuit – Wide Awake – Petit Biscuit Music

‘I was sent this song by one of my trans sisters and Austin bass DJ, Legasii. We have been transitioning at the same time, and she sent me a playlist of songs that spoke to her and were helping her to find her femininity. This track was on there and I fell in love with how abstract it is at times and yet it all works together in this beautiful way.’

7. Roland Clark, Milk & Sugar – Celebrate – Milk & Sugar Recordings

‘This is such a bangin’ house track with some great soulful vocals! It is such a fun track to play at night when the vocal goes “Let’s Celebrate the Night”. I will be playing this one for a while in my sets.’

8. Zakir feat. Alex Ronin – Calling Your Mind – Disco Halal

‘Total 80s style groove here that is a little bit dark, but crushes. I love it when I feel like I can pull this one out and drop it into a set.’

9. Yumi Zouma – Barricade – CascineLabel

‘Another band that I have been in love with for the last year. I love how dreamy and soft this song is yet powerful when it builds up and everything hits.’

10. Remi Wolf, Panda Bear – Woo! (Panda Bear Remix) – Sony

‘I have been such a big fan of Panda Bear since he started his solo career outside of Animal Collective. His music is so unique and this track he remixed is not any different. It has been in heavy rotation for me.’

Mz Worthy’s ‘Love & Give’ is out now via Dirtybird. Purchase your copy here.

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