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Music, passion, and persistence: The journey of N3UX

N3UX (pronounced N-3-U-X) is a French DJ and producer known for his dark melodic techno/progressive house style. Based in Paris, N3UX started his music career independently with FL Studio in 2017.

Photo credit: N3UX – Official

Since then, he has made a name for himself in the music industry, gaining recognition for his tracks ‘Milky Way’ in 2021 and ‘Pure Deep and Real’ in 2022, which have collectively amassed over one million streams.

In 2023, N3UX decided to elevate his career by collaborating with record labels. He released his track ‘Nebula’ on the Dark City Music label. With his latest EP ‘Solar’ released on Ultimo Paradiso, N3UX continues to captivate listeners with his unique combination of dark melodic techno and progressive house.

EG had the opportunity to interview N3UX about his recent release and his exciting plans for the future.

EG: Hello N3UX, welcome to EG! I am curious about how you chose your name?

N3UX: Thanks for the invite. It’s a modification of my last name. I wanted a unique artist name that stands out!

EG: Sounds good. Can you describe how has been your journey towards electronic music?

N3UX: I started composing on FL Studio in 2016, teaching myself with no musical knowledge, using just my laptop and headphones. Through consistent effort, I made progress and purchased my first speakers around 2018. During this period, I also began my higher education. I continued practicing during my studies until 2022 when things started getting serious. I began DJing at various venues in France (Paris and Lille), and my music gained more streams and purchases. Thanks to this, I now have my own music studio and can work on increasingly high-quality projects.

EG: How did you finally make the transition to making music full-time after 7 years?

N3UX: It happened gradually without really thinking about it. I met people who believed in my project as my career progressed and decided to support and work with me, whether they were labels, collectives, or event organizers!

EG: What have been your biggest challenges moving into the music industry?

N3UX: When you start your career, it’s very challenging to establish yourself anywhere. The toughest part was not giving up when no one believed in the project. Thanks to my passion for electronic music, I never once considered abandoning it. Now, looking back on that period, it gives me even more energy. I also have a tendency to compose excessively, which isn’t ideal because taking breaks is necessary to keep ideas clear and avoid falling into a negative spiral.

“It’s important to be versatile and know how to handle all aspects of the industry”

EG: What would be your advice to someone trying to move in the same direction?

N3UX: In the early stages of a career, I would advise focusing extensively on your music without expecting anything in return and without actively seeking a label. In the beginning, I released my projects independently, without a label, and that’s what allowed me to build a fan base and gain knowledge in music promotion and marketing. It’s important to be versatile and know how to handle all aspects of the industry.

EG: Who are some artists that have inspired you over the years?

N3UX: The artists who have inspired me the most are CamelPhat, ARTBAT, Morten, and more recently, Goom Gum.

EG: How did you get signed by Ultimo Paradiso, the label you have several releases with, including the latest, ‘Solar’?

N3UX: I contacted Spada on Instagram, and we connected well. Consequently, I decided to send some tracks as a demo for his label. They liked the tracks and decided to release them.

EG: Do you prefer producing, DJing, or both?

N3UX: I enjoy both; I need these two means of expression to feel fulfilled. I couldn’t do one without the other. I hope to have more opportunities to perform on stage in the future!

“I would advise focusing extensively on your music without expecting anything in return”

EG: Any tips for the studio you’d like to share?

N3UX: I believe it’s essential to gradually acquire equipment rather than getting everything at once. This allows time for musical progression and mastery of the purchased gear.

EG: What do you have planned for 2024?

N3UX: Lots of new music! I’m also in discussions with booking agencies; nothing is signed yet, but we’ll see how things unfold!

N3UX ‘Solar’ is out now via Gloire Records. Stream and download here.

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