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Namito – Stone Flower – Sol Selectas

Namito – Stone Flower – Sol Selectas

Melodic house artist Namito has featured on many of the genres leading labels including Kompakt, Systematic Recordings and Selador. Late in 2018 he released his album ‘Letting Go’, and since then has shown no signs of slowing down with his busy schedule.

Fans of Namito’s usual style might be little surprised when first listening to his new track ‘Stone Flower’ because it’s a little bit more downtempo than some might expect. People say variety is the spice of life and if mixing things up can provide things this sensational, then there must be some truth to that statement.

‘Stone Flower’ still has Namito’s trademark uplifting style that tugs on the heartstrings with its emotive melodies, but it’s a little bit more laid back with a drop in tempo that really exposes the intricacy in his music.

The vocal is hauntingly beautiful and the sparsely produced tribal percussion gives things an organic sound with earthy textures.

For anyone who has been a long-time fan of Namito, this could perhaps be your new favorite track of his, as its contemporary style makes it something quite special.

Namito’s ‘Stone Flower’ is available on Sol Selectas. Grab your copy here.

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