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Native Instruments presents new Traktor controller

The X1 MK3 is designed to offer enhanced customization, adjusted mixer mapping, and more.

Photo credit: Native Instruments – Official Website

Native Instruments has recently announced the release of its new Traktor controller, the X1 MK3.

The X1 MK3 features a range of new and exciting features, including five OLED screens, a new layout, and customizable lights that indicate when a track is playing, looping, or coming to an end. In addition, the buttons have been made larger, and tactile dots have been added to improve the controller’s usability in low-light environments. Buttons can also be grouped and color-coordinated to help identify functions. A new Mixer Mode allows you to switch between controlling FX or main levels.

The X1 MK3 comes bundled with Traktor Pro 3, which offers a range of new features, such as time-stretching, an improved limiter, and an expanded FX bank. According to Native Instruments, the controller was redesigned based on feedback from users, with the aim of allowing DJs to spend less time staring at a laptop and more time manipulating and creating with their music.

Check out the video to see the X1 MK3 in action. You can buy yours here.

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