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Freeride Millennium announces charity album to support LGBTQI+ refugees

The collection features 19 tracks from artists such as Benjamin Fröhlich, Curses, Massimiliano Pagliara, Jorkes, and others.

Jorkes’ Freeride Millennium label is set to release a new charity album entitled ‘Queer Base Vol. 2’. All sales proceeds will go to Queer Base, a charity organization based in Vienna.

The album consists of 19 tracks from renowned artists such as Benjamin Fröhlich, Curses, Massimiliano Pagliara, Zombies in Miami, and label founder Jorkes. It offers a musical journey featuring ‘Cheeky Seduction’ by Polygonia, analogue grooves by HCL, ‘Distant Memory’ by Pagliara, and contributions from Fröhlich, CYRK, Gunce Aci, Zombie Affair, Panooc, Lydia Eisenblätter, Mala Ika, among others.

Queer Base, the beneficiary of this charity initiative, provides essential support services to LGBTQI+ refugees in Austria. These services encompass legal aid, housing, community events, language lessons, and health services.

Jorkes expressed profound gratitude to all contributors, applauding their dedication to promoting love and unity, “I’m overwhelmed and happy to see that fellow artists, friends, and family are always ready to reach out to the world and send a strong message of love and solidarity, helping marginalized souls who are in need of a helping hand.”

Pre-Order ‘Queer Base vol.2’ here.

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