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Watch ‘Who’s Kitty Amor?’, the incredible journey of the Afro-house DJ and producer

Featuring appearances by Simon Dunmore, Kid Fonque, and Sef Kombo.

Photo Credit: Kitty Amor – Facebook

‘Who’s Kitty Amor?’ premiered at London’s venue Aures. The film celebrates the incredible journey of Kitty Amor, a prominent Afro-house DJ and producer, over the past two decades.

Directed by a talented team of filmmakers, this documentary offers an intimate insight into Kitty Amor’s artistic path and her experiences as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. From her upbringing in a Christian household to her university years and her navigation of London’s vibrant underground music scene, the film thoroughly covers her story.

Featuring appearances by notable figures in the music industry, including Simon Dunmore, Kid Fonque, and Sef Kombo, the documentary provides unique insights and perspectives on Kitty Amor’s impact within the African electronic music scene.

In her own words, Kitty Amor expressed her gratitude for being able to share her story: “From discussing my family upbringing, my time in university, navigating the underground music scene in London, and rising to become an influential artist and voice for African electronic music worldwide, I’m honored to share my story for everyone to truly know who Kitty Amor is.”

Watch ‘Who’s Kitty Amor?’ documentary below.

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