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New Faces: Leonardo

Don’t feel bad about not knowing about Leonardo. The man and his music have been a very well kept secret for the last twelve months. To bring you up to speed, the tale began after a chance meeting with Alan Fitzpatrick led to music being shared and within a matter of days the We Are The Brave boss had signed multiple tracks and offered him the chance to become an integral part of his label.

We caught up with Leonardo to talk about his new ‘Soul Foundations’ EP on We Are The Brave.

Electronic Groove: What’s your real name, and where were you born?

Leonardo: Leonardo, Planet Earth.

EG: Describe your music in 3 words?

Leonardo: Raw, liberating and soul.

EG: Where are you based?

Leonardo: Currently in a basement in Southern England with my studio and vinyl collection.

EG: What labels have you released on in your career?

Leonardo: We Are The Brave and my vinyl only label Etheric.

EG: Can you mention 3 artists you aspire to / have influenced you?

Leonardo: LTJ Bukem, Derrick Carter and John Digweed. They have all championed a unique sound, developed music defining brands, stuck to their musical integrity long term and within that continually redefine themselves in an organic natural way. Their vibe is distinctly identifiable.

EG: How long have you been producing music? What was your first signed release?

Leonardo: I’ve been writing music for 16 years. The first release was a white label vinyl pressing I put out with a friend in 2006. The A-side ended up on a Carl Cox Space Ibiza compilation CD that year.

EG: Three things you can’t live without on the road when touring?

Leonardo: Shure needles for the decks, my own slipmats and custom made earplugs.

EG: Can you tell us about your next release?

Leonardo: My next release is a three track EP including the tracks ‘Gentle’, ‘The Prophecy’ & ‘Call To My Beloved’ to be out via We Are The Brave. Alan (Fitzpatrick) has kindly given me the freedom within reason to construct my releases for them as suitable. My natural sound is very different from the other Brave artists and it’s important that my releases showcase my varied style that’s evident here across liberating peak time, rolling uplifting 4/4 and deep heartfelt broken beat moods. There is also an additional remix of the Aside from a guy called 9th House that’s on a playful abstract tip. The release date 08/02/2019.

EG: One piece of advice you can give to other aspiring producers?

Leonardo: Ignore everyone and follow your heart.

Leonardo’s ‘Soul Foundations’ will be available February 8th on We Are The Brave. Pre-order your copy here.

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