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New Faces: Squire

New Faces: Squire

Squire is a Spanish artist who resides in the amazing cultural hub city of Barcelona, his birth town. He has developed a vast array of followers due to his ability to deliver a unique sound that merges emotional and dancefloor friendly house with an incredible variety of influences. He has released on key electronic imprints in the last year such as Flying Circus Recordings, Smoke N’ Mirrors, 3000 Grad Records, and Get Physical sub-label Kindisch.

We had the chance to speak with Squire as he just released a new EP ‘Breaking Points’ on Early Delights label.

Electronic Groove: What’s your real name, and where were you born?

Squire: Jaime Alguersuari and I was born in Barcelona, Spain.

EG: Describe your music in 3 words?

Squire: Atmospheric, romantic and deep.

EG: Where are you based?

Squire: I’m based in Barcelona, a dream place!

EG: What labels have you released on in your career?

Squire: I’ve released on Flying Circus, Kindisch, Rebellion, Global Underground, Moodmusic, Get Physical, BAR 25, My Favorite Robot, amongst others.

EG: Can you tell us 3 artists you aspire to / have influenced you?

Squire: Definitely, Moby, Kuniyuki Takahashi and Guy Gerber.

EG: How long have you been producing music? What was your first signed release?

Squire: I’ve been making music for 9 years now and my first release was on New York-based label Nurvous Records.

“My latest collaboration with Behrouz is the most emotional record I’ve ever done
and I can’t wait for the release date!”

EG: Three things you can’t live without on the road when touring?

Squire: Sleeping mask, ear plugs and my computer.

EG: Can you tell us about your next release?

Squire: Yes, I’m super excited for the next one actually. It’s a collaboration I did together with Behrouz and it will be a 3-track EP. I think it’s the most emotional record I’ve ever done and I can’t wait for the release date!

EG: One piece of advice you can give to other aspiring producers?

Squire: Make the music from the deep end of your heart, ask yourself: what do you want to communicate with the music you make? Tell a story, the music will describe who you are as a person… don’t lie to yourself or make yourself fake expectations to become a someone or somewhat… stay truthful and human always!

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