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New single and album: Telepopmusik return after a 10 year hiatus

The LP will be out on September 25th.

After a lengthy 10-year hiatus, Telepopmusik returns with a much-anticipated studio album ‘Everybody Breaks The Line’. The prominent track from this exciting release that makes a single debut, ‘Dreams’ is covered by the vocals of the LA/ NYC music and video project ‘Young & Sick’, the solo brainchild by Dutch singer Nick van Hofwegen.

The French duo, formed by 2Square & Antipop, presents a brand new angle on the former Telepopmusik musical agenda. Where we previously reflect on their famous singles ‘Breathe’, ‘Don’t Look Back’ and ‘Love Can Damage Your Health’, where we heard soft feminine vocals, we saw beautiful and exotic music clips of humans in all their technicolor forms, sometimes slightly psychedelic, yet soothing melodies that gave the mind a spa-day. We remembered Telepopmusik in the era of Moby and Massive Attack making moves. We saw some more recent tracks such as ‘Sound’ featuring Mark Gardener taking on more masculine vocals, but consistent with the mesmerizing flow of extra-terrestrial riffs and sounds with progressive beats driving into some kind of place slightly above the ground, if at all slightly more melancholic.

‘Dreams’ however was a welcome surprise. Much like the time in 2013 when Daft Punk surprised us all with their vibrantly different ‘Get Lucky’ featuring Nile Rogers and Pharell Williams, this new single has a relatable element of the unexpected experience. The whole feeling of the music is very much reflective of the current upper echelons of production that delivers an exceptional standard of quality in sound. The track is very current. The image is clear: there is a new alter ego in town, and we are here for it.

One aspect of this new order for Telepopmusik does remain consistent though – the music video: a series of archived films from Ukraine specifically focused around the era of the Chernobyl explosion in Pripyat, which drives a feeling of nostalgia and reminiscence of earlier times of soviet togetherness, propaganda amidst a time of great tragedy. Young & Sick deliver indie-inspired lyrics, van Honwegewen’s voice is warm and against the reels of various clips of a desolate post-nuclear-disaster city – a contrasting idea accompanied by dreamy new-wave synths, ethereal and ambient riffs and the unmistakable genius of the identifiable Telepopmusik sound, leaving the listener feeling sentimental and full of hope which is much needed in our current times.

Stream and buy ‘Dreams’ here.

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