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New study reveals ChatGPT as the preferred AI tool for musicians

Alongside other notable AI tools like OZONE11, LALAL.AI, and BandLab SongStarter.

Photo credit: Mojahid Mottakin on Unsplash

A recent study conducted by Pirate, a leading platform for musicians, has revealed that ChatGPT is the preferred artificial intelligence (AI) tool among artists. The study surveyed 1000 musicians to identify their top 10 AI tools for music production.

At the top of the list is ChatGPT, with one participant praising its ability to “generate melodic lyrics, rhymes, and variations that seamlessly fit my melody.” Another musician highlighted its usefulness for technical solutions, stating, “I used ChatGPT to help create specific plugin settings, replicating sounds and instruments from existing songs.”

The study also recognized other notable AI tools in the music industry. OZONE11 secured the second spot, known for its excellence in music mastering. LALAL.AI claimed the third position, praised for its proficiency in separating stems for remixing and sampling. BandLab SongStarter ranked fourth for its exceptional support for inspiration, particularly beneficial for beginners and overcoming writer’s block.

This study showcases a significant shift in the music industry’s adoption of AI technology. A noteworthy 25% of the participants in the case study have already integrated AI into their studio work, with an overwhelming 72% reporting a positive experience with AI tools.

Pirate further investigated where musicians find AI most helpful during different stages of music creation. The results revealed that 30% of musicians found AI crucial during songwriting and composition, while 21% used AI for research and inspiration. Additionally, 12% relied on AI for beat and rhythm creation, and 10% leveraged AI for mastering tracks.

Read the full report here.

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