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Nicholas Gunn and Alina Renae teamed up for ‘In The End’

Now available on Blue Dot Trance.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Gunn and Alina Renae – Official

Nicholas Gunn and vocalist Alina Renae have once again joined forces for their latest release, ‘In The End’. Released under the label Blue Dot Trance, this track builds on the success of their previous collaboration, ‘My Life’.

Gunn brings his dynamic signature style to the table, creating an uplifting and captivating experience. By blending elements from experimental, ambient, chill house, and trance genres, the artist’s unique sound shines through in this compelling and euphoric track.

The track begins with pulsing synths, a mesmerizing piano line, and dreamy pads, gradually building up to a thumping beat accompanied by Alina Renae’s emotive vocals. Ethereal sonic details and soaring synth strings complement the vocal-led breakdowns, intensifying the energy as the song progresses. The return of the groove introduces driving rhythms and powerful basslines, infusing the soundscape with vibrant color.

Listen to ‘In The End’ below and download your copy here.

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