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Nick Varon – Fertile Soil EP – Serendeep

Nick Varon – Fertile Soil EP – Serendeep

Straight out of Sri Lanka, and powered by releases by Hernan Cattaneo, Black 8, Subandrio & Nick Varon, the brainchild of Danidu & Hasith is quickly becoming a hot stepper.

Serendeep is growing over a solid foundation, blossoming like a wildflower in the pavement. With a modern take, they invite us to revisit the more sensible side of progressive house through a different glass. After the success of ‘Malambo’, LOM’s release on the mentioned output, the label is back to the charge with ‘Fertile Soil’ by Nick Varon.

This new EP by the greek artist is comprised of two original tracks, one remix, and it’s an invitation to contemplate a truly unique world. ‘Fertile Soil’, the first of Varon’s original tracks, is quite a sensorial experience. It is like watching percussive patterns rise over a low-end fog, while synth lines lay roots, to unravel like neverending vines. An imperceptible process, a garden in trance, feeling its limbs awakening.

The second track in the package is a remix for ‘Fertile Soil’, courtesy of Tripswitch. The onedotsixtwo boss has made a seamless transition from downtempo to progressive house in recent years, and his remixes are in high demand, due to tracks like his ‘Rooting For You’ bootleg, one of London Grammar’s best-known hits. Like it was to be expected, his rendition of ‘Fertile Soil’ is a joy to behold. It’s like an invitation to the Varon garden planted but years later, to contemplate as Tripswitch paints an everlasting Spring in just over five minutes. From the start, we know we are in the presence of a supernatural event. Sweet in harmony, the track follows the path blazed by a delicious groove while a million colors burst in stereo with subtlety. Short, like most beautiful things in life should be, the ride is over in the blink of an eye. But the feeling of an experience we can hardly articulate in words is everlasting.

‘Terimakash’ is the second original track by Varon, and a perfect complement to the adventure lived in the first act. With a more palpable groove and the dancefloor in mind, ‘Terimakash’ goes for a more classical feel. Just like ‘Fertile Soil’, percussions lead the way throughout the track, without ever stealing the spotlike from the storytelling synthlines, which are designed to tread a darker place.

In a moment in which the sound of labels like ADID, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, or TrybesOf can be heard everywhere, Serendeep suggests separating itself from the rest, without losing that essential magic. It’s clear to see that ‘Fertile Soil’ is the perfect breeding ground for a prosperous future.

Grab your copy  here.

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