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Nick Warren At Destino Arena, Argentina

Nick Warren at Destino Arena, Argentina

British DJ and producer, Nick Warren showed up at Destino Arena in Mar del Plata ready to play a 6 hour set. Being the first live broadcast from Argentina streaming the world, the artist knew exactly how to work the crowd, delivering a local presence in his track selections.

The weekend event saw the likes of Nina Kraviz perform on Friday, followed by Solomun in Mute on Saturday, and finally proceeding into Nick Warren’s Soundgarden concept premier in Argentina.

The day began at 4:00pm at Destino Arena in beautiful Mar del Plata. The crowd witnessed an excellent warm up set by Rosarino’s Abity that matched the beautiful coastal beaches that served as the backdrops for a sunny day. During the duo’s opening, fans continued to enter the venue, which was well suited with hydration stations.

While those present had the opportunity to enjoy the master class that lasted just over 6 hours, fans who could not attend had the chance to view it thanks to the live broadcast via Be-At TV.

The progressive maestro started his musical journey with ‘A Thousand Dance’ by Dole & Kom. Much like most of the best outdoor festivals on the planet, the venue was well equipped with high quality sound. In charge of visuals was Argentine VJ Fernando Notari, which was a show on its own, always respecting the aesthetic allusiveness of the nature of Soundgarden.

The inclusion of local productions was something to praised, with tracks by Nicko Izzo, Marcelo Vasami, Alejo Gonzalez, Brigrado Crew, and Lucas Rossi among others. Another show of affection for Argentina, came from Showing DJ/Producer Mariano Mellino in Villa Mercedes.

His set also included Guy J’s ‘MDQ’ in a clear allusion to the seaside resort, plus two remixes who everyone noted: Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Simon Doty Remix) and Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Brigade Crewunofficial Remix ). The harmony and warmth of enjoying a sunset on the beach gave the party an added value. Nothing could have been better.

With the inevitable arrival of the sunset, the music started to evolve. A darker and more introspective sound accompanied by the increase of the progressive bpms became present. The comments during the course of the evening were all positive, exciting and will surely remain in the collective unconscious over the years.

Sasha also appeared in the musical selection with ‘Trigonometry’. Ending with an exquisite mix of ‘Solomon’s Trhone’ by Navid Mehr and ‘Sirius’ by Verche, what else could the crowd ask for, but applause for the great Maestro!

Upcoming dates in Argentina:

February 04: Casa de Piedra, Córdoba
February 11: Metropolitano, Rosario
February 17: Quinto, Villa Mercedes, San Luis
February 24: Groove, Buenos Aires
February 25: Dance Arena, Tucuman

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