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Nick Warren: “The Soundgarden Is All About Eclectic Styles”

Nick Warren: “The Soundgarden is all about eclectic styles”

There’s no need for introductions when you’re an artist with the trajectory and achievements like the ones Nick Warren has. As he embarks on his routinely South American tour we had the chance to chat with him about the region, The Soundgarden, and other musical topics.

Nick will be visiting Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. You can find ticket info here.

Electronic Groove: Over the years we’ve seen your love for South America and especially Argentina. What keeps you coming to this part of the world?

Nick Warren: The parties are just awesome! The people are amazing and I love the continent’s diversity, plus incredible food, wine, and fly-fishing, it’s like heaven really.

Electronic Groove: You’re about to start your latest tour playing in countries like Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil. Can you give us an insight of what you have in store for these coming gigs? Are there any special tunes under the hood that you would care to share with us?

Nick Warren: I have a ton of new music to play on this tour, many new tracks I have signed to The Soundgarden label and some new tracks I have written with Nicolas Rada, and a couple of special edits I have done specifically for this tour including a new Depeche Mode one.

Electronic Groove: You’re returning to Mar del Plata with The Soundgarden, an event that delighted the masses. This time you’ll be sharing the decks with Eelke Kleijn. Why did you choose to play with him in such an important event?

Nick Warren: Eelke is a great DJ and a very good friend, he also has his own style which is slightly different to mine so I think that works well for the event. The Soundgarden is all about eclectic styles. Eelke has already played with us in Ibiza and we had a great time.

Electronic Groove: What is the story behind the track ‘Buenos Aires’?

Nick Warren: I wanted to write a track to show my thanks to your wonderful city and country which has been so good to me over the years, it was my personal homage to Argentina.

Electronic Groove: There are artists who only like to play in large-scale events; others choose smaller clubs by their sense of intimacy. In your case, you are an artist of multiple scenarios. If you had to choose: do you prefer a small club or big festivals?

Nick Warren: I love to do both actually and for me, it’s just about getting a crowd big or small to come with you on a journey and experience the music that you love.

Electronic Groove: Your unique style makes your music transcends barriers. Have you ever played in a hostile environment that has flipped its energy and come as a surprise for good?

Nick Warren: There have been a few shows in Asia where it has taken the crowd a while to get into it but have finally come around, thankfully it is a rarity.

Electronic Groove: There is much talk of the concept of “reading the dancefloor” at the time of the DJ set. What does it mean for you? What do you look for in the crowd?

Nick Warren: Well I am not sure about it, to be honest. In my view, the skill of a DJ is being able to play exactly what you want in a way that enthralls and entertains the crowd.

Electronic Groove: What can you tell us about your relationship with Jody Wisternoff, your partner at Way Out West? And what do you think makes the track “Tuesday Maybe” so special that it has been chosen by many artists in their sets?

Nick Warren: Jody and I have worked together now for around 16 years. In my opinion, we always make our best music together and I think that ‘Tuesday Maybe’ is a perfect example of this, bouncing ideas back and forth, listening to each other’s likes and dislikes in the track and ending up making something special. It’s not an easy thing to achieve but very special when it does happen.

Electronic Groove: After more than 30 years of career in the music scene. Do you have any unfinished dreams you would like to achieve?

Nick Warren: I still haven’t made the perfect Nick Warren track yet! Working on it though 🙂

Electronic Groove: We would love for you to play forever, and your music will live forever. With this said, have you ever thought about retiring?

Nick Warren: No I haven’t I actually, I think we are a different generation to our parents and I can’t really see me ever stopping my work. I am very lucky to do something that I’m still so passionate about after all these years.

Electronic Groove: In another opportunity, you told us that the best thing about being a DJ is to be the only person who knows what track you’re playing next. With a career so extensive, how do you keep up to date without falling into the temptation of the dancefloor classics that always seem to work?

Nick Warren: It’s all about putting the time in and searching for those amazing pieces of music, either in shops, online stores or from producers themselves. I spend several hours every day just doing this. I am also buying more vinyl than I have for many years as there is a ton of very cool tracks only on vinyl. The new Pioneer PLX 500 record deck allows you to record straight into Rekord Box in your computer meaning I can transfer from vinyl to Wav instantly which is super good.

Electronic Groove: The size of the electronic music has led to the emergence of countless young people who are trying to become recognized artists in a super competitive industry. What words of wisdom do you have for them?

Nick Warren: Like any job, if you are excellent at what you do then you will succeed, of course not every footballer becomes a professional but if you give it your best shot and you have that special talent then you will be noticed.

Electronic Groove: You are playing this weekend in Punta del Este, a place with a young electronic culture. What is your vision of the expansion of the electronic music to places where it is traditionally heard other things?

Nick Warren: Punta del Este and Uruguay have always had an excellent electronic music scene. With the internet, the world is a small place and I think electronica has reached pretty much everywhere by 2018.

Electronic Groove: Finally, if you hadn’t been DJ you would have been…?

Nick Warren: A fishing guide up in Patagonia would be nice 🙂 happy new year everyone!

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