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Nick Warren: “The great thing about DJing is that I’m the only person that knows what is coming next”

Nick Warren continues to be so respected because he knows how to truly work a crowd, delivering again and again, yet taking them somewhere they’ve never been before. That’s what comes with vision and, just as importantly in Warren’s case, experience.

We spoke to him ahead of his South American tour where he talked about Soundgarden, playing with Hernan Cattaneo and other musical topics…

(Click here for the original interview in Spanish)

Electronic Groove: Electronic Groove: Hi Nick, thanks for the time to chat with us. We just heard about your upcoming South American tour. Do you have something special prepared for these shows?

Nick Warren: Totally my pleasure! Argentina is always a special place for me, I can play as deep as I like. Some of the shows will also bring The Soundgarden concept which is something I’m really excited about! The first two that have been announced already are Mar del Plata on January the 29th, Rosario on February the 18th and Tucuman on February the 25th.


EG: What does means to you to come to Argentina? It is something special for you to visit this country?

Nick Warren: Argentina is such a special place for me, the best clubs and the best fans, love the food, wine and fishing ! what else do I need LOL.

EG: Do you remember your first memories related to music? What bands you usually listened in those days?

Nick Warren: My brother bought me a T-Rex single when I was around 12 years old, and then a David Bowie album for Christmas, that was what started my obsession with music.

EG: Can you name some of your most important music influences in your career?

Nick Warren: Bands like Kraftwerk, Joy Division, The Cure, Japan and The Clash were very special for me. DJ’s such as Andrew Weatherall, Frankie Knuckles and Sasha in the beginning, Hernan Cattaneo is a big influence to me these days because we play together so much. I also love listening to guys like Behrouz, Yokoo, Seth Troxler and DAVI to name a few.

“The great thing about DJing is that i’m the only person that knows what is coming next in the set”

EG: What Global Underground means to you?

Nick Warren: I had an amazing experience making 9 GU albums all over the world. It was a really exciting time in electronic music.

EG: When you are playing is there something in particular you look forward to transmitting with your music or is it only random ones you feel at the moment?

Nick Warren: The great thing about DJing is that i’m the only person that knows what is coming next in the set, playing new music that no one has heard before to appreciative crowds is amazing and a very lucky thing to have.

EG: Earlier this year we had a tragedy that happened at the Time Warp Argentina event. Do you think these kinds of incidents set a ‘before’ and ‘after’?

Nick Warren: My view is people need to be very careful what they are putting inside their bodies, look after your friends and don’t get yourself into dangerous situations. I hope people come to our events for the music.

EG: Do you think DJs as public personalities are able to influence society and to generate consciousness?

Nick Warren: I hope as a DJ I can give people a fantastic experience and open them to new and exciting music, but we certainly are not doctors, nurses or teachers…

EG: How do you see the worldwide electronic music scene? Do you feel has evolved through the years?

Nick Warren: The scene is constantly changing and evolving. The past couple of years have seen techno as the main sound but already that is changing to a more melodic and dare I say progressive sound

“MMW in Miami is always great fun”

EG: Is there any particular event or festival you are looking forward to play next year?

Nick Warren: MMW in Miami is always great fun, as usual I am doing some events with Hernan including the infamous Sudbeat & The Soundgarden Boat Party. Then it’s onward to IMS in Ibiza and Sonar and all the summer festivals.

EG: Tell us about the Boat Party you play every year in Miami with Hernan Cattaneo?

Nick Warren: It is one of our highlights of the year. Hernan and I play B2B for 6 hours and it’s an amazing vibe, full of fun and smiling faces in the sun.

EG: Every time we have seen you playing with Hernan looks you are having a great time and the chemistry between both is excellent. What makes this B2B to have such special and strong energy?

Nick Warren: We are great friends and have respect for each other and both love the same music, he is a very special friend to me.

EG: We are looking forward for a show featuring you and Hernan in Argentina since a long time ago. What is missing to make this possible? It is 2017 the year to make this happen?

Nick Warren: This is something both Hernan and I would love to do, but there are many factors in doing huge shows like this, like safety, our individual tour schedules, agents, managers, promoters.. everything has to fall into place and we are still waiting for the right moment.

EG: Can you name some of the best tracks for you in 2016?

Black 8 “Before The Rising Dawn”

Simon Shackleton – ‘Piece of Me’

Sasha – ‘Trigonometry’

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