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Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden Announces Its ‘Summer Collection 2020’

Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden announces its ‘Summer Collection 2020’

Comprised of 11 tracks selected by the progressive icon himself.

Following the success of The Soundgarden’s ‘Winter Collection’, the UK-based imprint now shifts with the seasons to deliver another special compilation, in the shape of their ‘Summer Collection 2020’. The album features artists like Guhus & Sebastian Busto, Paul Deep, Nichols, Kamilo Sanclemente & Juan Pablo Torrez, NOIYSE PROJECT, Juan Sapia, and more.

‘The Summer Collection showcases amazing producers from around the world. Some of them have just joined The Soundgarden family, and some are already a part of our collective from previous projects. I hope you’ll enjoy these amazing tracks’, said Nick Warren about the new outing.

Referring to ‘Kaleidoscope’, one of the compilation’s highlights, its creator Nichols explained ‘Kaleidoscope was the melody which was already in my head and I wanted to turn it into a haunting melodic journey, to greet the sunset at a festival. When the bassline started rolling and firing out acid-tinged grooves and the snares erupted, it all came together very quickly. The other tracks on the compilation are all very cool and it is great to rub shoulders with such talented producers’.

Meanwhile, Guhus said of ‘Yemel’, ‘We have been friends with Sebastián for a few years and we always talk about doing something together. I came from some productions where I began to incorporate classical orchestral instruments but I thought I still needed something more. Knowing that Sebastián has formal studies of classical music, it was almost impossible not to be able to start something together, we just had to wait for the right moment. The production process was very fast, I sent Sebastián a base of percussions and rhythmic ideas so he can get an idea of ​​the ‘feeling’ of the track. Then he sent me several parts with a harmonic structure and I consolidated the project in Ableton. We exchanged ideas for a few weeks and it was one of those tracks that when everything flows, nothing is delayed. This is how ‘Yemel’ was born, which in Tehuelche means ‘family’ and it is something that identifies us both since we were parents almost at the same time and we are very happy to be able to release it at The Soundgarden‘.

About his track ‘Turquoise’, Juan Sapia explained, ‘for this one, I tried to find a melancholic and catchy melody that keeps going the whole track with many changes on it in order to have the ‘never-ending’ feeling. Big thanks to Mr. Nick for making this possible’.

For its part, NOIYSE PROJECT stated, ‘for ‘Druid Poem’, I tried to find a uniqueness for the groove I always try to add to my music. Thanks to the amazing legend Nick Warren and The Soundgarden for letting me join the family. This tune is for all my Sri Lankan fans and NP family!’

The Soundgarden’s ‘Summer Collection 2020’  will be out on June 26th. You can pre-order your copy here and check the tracklist/art below.


  1. Guhus & Sebastian Busto – Yemel (Original Mix)
  2. Yonl Yarchl – My Story (Original Mix)
  3. Six – That Balance (Original Mix)
  4. Ultraverse – New York New York (Original Mix)
  5. Paul Deep (AR) – Anemona (Deep Mix)
  6. Marian (AR) – Parsimony (Original Mix)
  7. NOIYSE PROJECT – Druid Poem (Original Mix)
  8. Kasey Taylor & Karlisle – Pans Theme (Kasey Taylor Edit)
  9.  Juan Pablo Torrez & Kamilo Sanclemente – Leda (Original Mix)
  10. Nichols (UK) – Kaleidoscope (Original Mix)
  11.  Juan Sapia – Turquoise (Original Mix)
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