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Nico Stojan: “I feel that this is a very exciting time in the American dance music scene”

Berlin native Nico Stojan is known for his warm sets, hands in the air sets, lush sets. Sometimes he wears a turban while doing so. One of the dreamiest realists that you’ll get to know, he understands that magic hides within our reach, you just have to pull it from the dust. Guest on our NYE Special, Stojan delivered a noble set where he displays his unique style that keeps us hooked into the melody and addicted to the journey. This time we had the chance to sit down and ask him a few questions…

Electronic Groove: Hello Nico. How’s 2016 treating you so far after coming of a successful one with the recognition of Twisted Manners as one of the best albums of the year?

Nico: I’m healthy and I’m enjoying life. I feel very grateful for the positive response on Twisted Manners, especially since the album reached many people who don’t normally listen to electronic music.

Electronic Groove:  You have a fairly new label with Acid Pauli named Ouïe. Can you tell us about how the label came together?

Nico: For the last few years, I wanted to have my own label and at the same time Acid Pauli (who is one of my favorite artists) and I started to become close friends, so we decided to do it together. We see the label as musical playground for us. The label enables us to go in any artistic direction we want since we don’t have to depend on anyone else’s decision or timeline for what we want to release.

Electronic Groove:  The label first release is a 3 track EP titled Call of the Valley. Where did the inspiration for this EP come from?

Nico: Our inspiration came from being together at Burning Man, hanging out and listening to old records that we sampled from, and spending hours in the studio with an open mind exploring ideas. We weren’t looking to make a big dance floor EP as we were focused on creating a cozy vibe and groove.

Call of the Valley

Electronic Groove:  You are a trained musician in Clarinet and Saxo. What made you choose to go down the Electronic music route and Jazz for example?

Nico: After playing various instruments and listening to music across various genres, I found that electronic music, especially with the use of sampling, was really conducive to fusing many sounds and feelings together. I can take old samples, blend them with modern drum machines and synthesizers, and create something new, but with a familiar feeling.

Electronic Groove: You’ve been playing all over the world for quite some time with a USA tour in the near future. How your vision of the scene in the US compared to your hometown?

Nico: 10 years ago, it wasn’t as easy as it is now for European acts to book tours in the states. But recently, the rise of EDM has spilled over interest in the underground as well, so I feel that this is a very exciting time in the American dance music scene. In Europe, we’re a bit more spoiled since dance music has been at the forefront for a longer period of time (despite house and techno originating in the US), so I think there’s a certain amount of excitement and novelty for American audiences with this new wave.

Electronic Groove: There are so many live acts, producers and dj’s out there. What has stand out over the rest that we should pay attention too?

Nico: I’m really excited about Oceanvs Orientalis, my musical brother Nu, Satori, and of course Acid Pauli. A big reason the Ouïe label project is so exciting to me is because I can work more closely with the artists I already respect.

Electronic Groove: What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2016?

Nico: The next step is our digital release of Ouïe 001 – Call of the Valley EP. The vinyl and digital versions each have their own bonus track. The next release will be Acid Pauli’s album. Beyond that, I’m working on some remixes – I just finished a Brian Cid remix for Atish’s new label Manjumasi. Other than that, I’m looking forward to Burning Man, Symbiosis, and the rest of my US tour!

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