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Nihil Young: “Nothing can replace the feeling of an intimate underground venue”

With a captivating and emotive touch, Nihil Young’s music takes listeners on unforgettable journeys. Whether he’s crafting techno for the club or delivering cutting-edge progressive tunes for main stages worldwide, his music is filled with genuine emotion that effortlessly resonates with his audience.

Photo credit: Nihil Young – Facebook

At the core of Nihil Young’s talent is his ability to evoke emotions through synthesizers, precise percussion, and powerful, energetic grooves. Recognized for his exceptional abilities, he has gained attention from renowned labels such as Toolroom, Realm, Purified, Odd One Out, Saved, Kittball, Zerothree, and Vandit.

EG recently caught up with Nihil Young to discuss his latest release, the ‘A New Kind’ EP, as well as his upcoming projects.

EG: Hi Nihil! Welcome to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? Where are you right now?

Nihil Young: Hey team, thank you for having me again; it’s always a pleasure. I’m doing well, and I’m especially excited about the future as my wife is pregnant. I’ve just returned to my studio in Poland after a few gigs abroad.

EG: First of all, congratulations on the release of your ‘A New Kind’ EP, which is out now via Octopus Recordings! What has the initial reception been like? Do you remember the first time you played these ones live?

Nihil Young: Thank you so much! Both myself and the guys from Beacon Bloom have been receiving fantastic feedback on the title track, ‘A New Kind.’ It’s been a personal pleasure for me to collaborate with Sian and Octopus, as I’ve been a fan since my early techno days. I had the chance to test ‘A New Kind’ for the first time in Copenhagen, and the energy was truly special—the crowd loved it. Beacon Bloom’s vocals always give me goosebumps, but this one feels particularly special.

EG: So, what can your fans expect to find on ‘A New Kind’? Is there an emotional trigger or concept driving this EP?

Nihil Young: The EP embodies a sense of everlasting hope in humanity and human creativity, even as we navigate the challenges of an increasingly complex world. We’re not resisting the future, AI, or anything of that sort, but we do cherish our humanity and the unique creativity it brings.

EG: The record centers around the lead single, ‘A New Kind’, which sees you linking up with Beacon Bloom. What was this process like? Did you guys have a previous relationship before collaborating?

Nihil Young: Yes, we’ve actually collaborated several times over the past couple of years, with successful releases on labels like Purified and Zerothree. I still remember the excitement when the guys Facetimed me to show Snoop Dogg listening to our track ‘Spitfire’  on one of his Instagram reels—it felt unreal. We’re constantly in touch, sharing new ideas, and this collaboration stemmed from one of my instrumentals that I had shared with them. Their vocals were so special that I crafted a completely new track around them.

“The EP embodies a sense of everlasting hope in humanity and human creativity, even as we navigate the challenges of an increasingly complex world”

EG: In your experience, what are the key aspects to consider when collaborating with someone? What is it that makes a collaboration a “successful” one?

Nihil Young: For me, it’s all about understanding and respecting each other’s ideas and being genuinely happy and honest about the overall quality and feeling of the final record. My motto is simple: if you’re happy, I’m happy.

EG: Now, let’s take it back to your origins…How and when did you first come across electronic dance music? Are you still attracted to the first genre you got into, or did your musical taste evolve over time?

Nihil Young: My life has always been intertwined with dance music; I grew up in the ’90s and devoured dance compilations, including trance and Eurodance. However, I was more attracted to hip-hop as I grew older, which eventually led me to buy a DJ console and learn the art of scratching, my first foray into music and mixing. Over time, I developed a deep love for various dance genres. What truly ignited my passion for producing electronic music was stumbling upon artists like Stephan Bodzin, Rekorder, Martin Buttrich, and early Minus and Plus 8 Records. Those sounds and the creative freedom they offered resonated with me deeply, and I knew this was my calling.

EG: Social media seems to play a very prominent role in an artist’s development. But is it taking too much away from the actual music and making it more about numbers and the visual aspect?

Nihil Young: Absolutely. I can appreciate, enjoy, or understand big visuals, festivals, and even the rise of memes and TikTok DJs. However, nothing can replace the feeling of an intimate underground venue and the direct connection with the crowd, especially when you’re sharing your own music or curating a carefully crafted set of tracks that truly move you. That, for me, is irreplaceable.

I admit I might be a bit lost in the social media and PR side of the game, and it’s become increasingly challenging to gain exposure without certain elements. Still, in my mind, the most essential content I can offer people remains the music itself. I’ve got one more motto here: more dancing, less filming.

“My life has always been intertwined with dance music”

EG: Have you come across any good books, movies, or records recently that you’d personally recommend? Where do you look for inspiration?

Nihil Young: I’m a fan of the classics when it comes to various art forms and literature. Some of the most impactful books I’ve encountered in recent years have been either authored by or influenced by Carl Gustav Jung. Foundational works like Shakespeare, Dante, the Greek and Latin classics, the Bible, and other sacred texts, ‘A Brave New World’ and ‘1984’ have left an indelible mark on me, although it’s hard to articulate all the reasons why in this era of major delusion and denial. These works, and what they’ve inspired, continue to resonate with me deeply. When it comes to records right now, it’s genuinely challenging to compile a shortlist due to the sheer abundance of incredible music out there!

EG: What’s next for Nihil Young? Where can your fans catch you next? What new milestones are you looking forward to in 2023

Nihil Young: Right now, my main focus is on finalizing my release calendar for the remainder of this year and the first half of 2024. I’m also dedicated to honing my studio skills, particularly in sound design and mastering. It’s been a fantastic experience to finally return to performing gigs abroad after enduring the challenges of the pandemic.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, my primary goal remains sharing my music and crafting those enchanting moments during my sets. The stage is where the magic happens, and I can’t express how excited I am to be back in that element.

As for upcoming plans, I’ll be attending ADE in Amsterdam, where I’ll be hosting a party with some close friends. Additionally, I’ll have the pleasure of performing alongside my friends from Beatfreak and Songspire.

EG: Thank you for your time, Nihil! We’re excited to see what’s in store for you. Take care!

Nihil Young: Thanks so much again for having me, and I wish you peace and good health!

Nihil Young’s ‘A New Kind’ EP is now available via Octopus Recordings. Get your copy here.

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