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Nii Tei and Eveava present ‘Djembe’

Djembe: It’s a kind of drum from West Africa, where people would normally gather; jam and vibe, hence itself means “everyone gathers together in peace”.

Nii Tei and Eveava have joined forces to create their latest endeavor, a concept event named ‘Djembe’ that looks forward to gather their friends, on day to early night and outside the club, to spend some quality time listening to diverse music genres.

For the kick-off, Miami’s Palapa in Upper Buena Vista has been the selected venue “since it’s surrounded by nature and has good vibes”. Saturday, November 16th will be the debut with Richie Hell as a guest, alongside residents Nii Tei and Eveava, starting at 4 PM.

The plans for ‘Djembe’ is to have a monthly reunion providing a space where DJs can play the music that they would not normally play at night clubs such as hi-life, disco, funky, groovy music, afro, world and ethnic.

For more about the first event click here.

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