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Listen to Niki Sadeki’s new release ‘Blue Dream’

Now available via Manual Music.

Photo Credit: Niki Sadeki – Official

Hailing from Vancouver and currently based in Brooklyn Niki Sadeki recently launched her latest ‘Blue Dream’ EP on 15th March 2024 via Manual Music.

‘The Blue Dream’ EP represents her artistic journey, encapsulating the ups and downs of a musician’s life. It includes two key tracks, ‘Blue Dream’ and ‘A Sunday in August’, each showcasing the artist’s emotional depth.

‘Blue Dream’, the title track, portrays a journey from struggle to hope, reflected in its carefully designed chords and percussions. ‘A Sunday in August’ begins with a trance-like beat, layered with dreamy synths, painting a picture of a peaceful summer evening. Inspired by a relaxed day in Berlin, it reminds listeners to appreciate life’s simple moments.

Listen to Blue Dream EP below and download your copy here.

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