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Exploring the depths of dark and light frequencies with Niki Sadeki

Beyond being a DJ and producer, Niki Sadeki is a self-taught, creative artist who brings people together through rhythm, events, and projects. With a Persian background and diverse musical tastes, she effortlessly combines genres and moods to inspire hope and foster connections.

Photo credit: Niki Sadeki – Official

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, Niki’s atmospheric fusion of melodic and progressive sounds deeply resonates with listeners, capturing different emotions and aspects of the human experience.

As the founder of Deep House Vancouver and a radio show host, she curates podcasts and mixes for popular platforms, showcasing talented artists from around the world. Living in New York has influenced Niki’s musical exploration, allowing her to confidently venture into different genres and take listeners on captivating journeys. From melody to indie, progressive to deep techno, her purposeful exploration creates a musical narrative that connects with introspective dreamers and energetic enthusiasts alike.

EG had the opportunity to chat with Niki Sadeki to delve into her latest release, the ‘Secret Serenade’ EP, as well as her upcoming projects and ventures.

EG: Hi, Niki Sadeki! Welcome to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? Where are you right now?

Niki Sadeki: It’s been a pleasure joining you! Currently, I’m in Mexico City, where I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to spend nearly 20 days exploring this beautiful country.

EG: Sounds great. Congratulations on the release of your ‘Secret Serenade’ EP, which just dropped via Kindisch! How has the journey been since the release, and what has the feedback been like so far? Do you recall a memorable moment while creating this EP?

Niki Sadeki: Thank you! It has been definitely an incredible ride so far. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback, including from colleagues, mentors, and heroes in the music scene, which has been incredibly gratifying.

‘Secret Serenade’ is a playful nod to the unpredictable, fun journey of how I make music, like catching lightning in a bottle on the go, then letting it shine bright in the quiet of the studio. It’s not just about the tracks, it’s about the stories they tell of embracing spontaneity, enjoying the ride, and the cool tunes that come out from playing around with the unexpected.

EG: ‘El Ganzo’ from your EP paints a vivid sonic picture of a jungle party. Can you take us behind the scenes and share the creative process that led to this unique track? How did the sounds of nature and your travels influence the production?

Niki Sadeki: While in Cabo, Mexico, for a gig at Crania Cabo, I began drafting the initial sketches of the track ‘El Ganzo.’ Inspired by the serene yet vibrant atmosphere, rich in culture and energy, I started piecing it together. It was in that tranquil yet spirited setting that I realized I was crafting something truly special.

EG: ‘So Sudden’ is described as a track that came together like magic over a weekend. Can you delve into the spontaneous creation of this piece and how the environment or experiences during that weekend shaped its distinctive sound?

Niki Sadeki: The track ‘So Sudden’ lived up to its name, as it was a spontaneous creation. This happened during a laid-back afternoon while I was visiting my parents in Vancouver back in April 2023 – before the crazy summer ahead of me. I was in my old room, which, by the way, my parents had kept just as it was since my high school days! I opened an Ableton project, more as a creative exercise and a way to pass the time. Surprisingly, the main hook of the track just came to me, and the rest of it flowed effortlessly. I remember going downstairs to show my mom what I had created, and her reaction was unforgettable. She started dancing to the rhythm and seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

“I didn’t plan to start a new track; it was the spirit of the place that moved me

EG: Your EP, ‘Secret Serenade,’ is a blend of various genres, from house to garage rock, progressive to psychedelic, and even Jazz and Persian folk. How do you approach merging these diverse influences into a cohesive and engaging musical journey?

Niki Sadeki: I guess my approach is centered on finding a harmonious balance. I focus on the underlying emotions and themes that connect these diverse styles. By paying attention to the nuances of each genre, I try to weave them together, ensuring that each element complements the other. This process often involves experimenting with different sounds and rhythms until I find a seamless blend that feels both cohesive and engaging. It’s like creating a tapestry of sounds in a way, where each thread has its own unique color and texture, but together they form a compelling and unified musical journey.

EG: The title ‘Secret Serenade’ suggests an element of unpredictability and spontaneity in your music-making process. Could you share a playful anecdote or story that reflects the essence of the EP and your approach to crafting its sound?

Niki Sadeki: I guess the story of ‘El Ganzo’ from my Cabo experience really embodies the spontaneity and unpredictability that define the EP. I found myself deeply inspired by the surroundings. I didn’t plan to start a new track; it was the spirit of the place that moved me. The track gradually took shape, capturing the essence of the location’s serene vibe in its melodies and rhythms. This process was unplanned, organic, and a perfect example of how ‘Secret Serenade’ was crafted – through spontaneous moments of inspiration that transformed into musical expressions.

EG: Your bio highlights your Iranian-Canadian background and eclectic musical taste. How has your Persian heritage influenced your creative journey, and how do you navigate the balance between dark and light frequencies in your productions?

Niki Sadeki: Balancing dark and light frequencies in my productions is much like creating a painting with contrasting colors. The ‘dark’ frequencies offer depth and intensity, reflecting perhaps the more profound, introspective aspects of my Iranian heritage and personal experiences. In contrast, the ‘light’ frequencies bring a sense of upliftment and brightness, resonating with the more joyful and vibrant aspects of my cultural background and musical tastes. This balance is a dance of contrasts, where each element complements the other, creating a dynamic and emotionally resonant soundscape. Navigating this interplay is intuitive for me, drawing on the emotional and cultural depths of my background to create a harmonious and engaging listening experience.

EG: As a multifaceted artist involved in various roles from DJing to event organizing and music production, how do you find these different aspects complement each other, and what role does spontaneity play in your overall creative ethos?

Niki Sadeki: My past experience in event organizing, although it ended with my move from Vancouver, has enriched my current focus on DJing and music production. The insights gained from organizing events for two years have deepened my understanding of audience engagement and event dynamics, enhancing my approach to music.

Currently, as a DJ and producer, I find a synergistic balance between these roles. DJing keeps me attuned to the audience’s reactions, which directly influences my music production, helping me create tracks that are both expressive and resonant with listeners.

Spontaneity is crucial in both DJing and production. In DJing, it guides me in selecting tracks that match the crowd’s energy, and in production, it drives creative breakthroughs. Although event organizing is no longer part of my activities, the lessons learned from it continue to shape my approach, blending structured music scene knowledge with the flexibility and creativity necessary to connect deeply with my audience.

“The key is understanding the mood, the moment, and the audience, and then weaving tracks together in a way that tells a story, evoking emotions, and creating a shared experience”

EG: Living in New York City has undoubtedly left its mark on your musical exploration. How has the city shaped your DJ sets, and how do you trust that your music will take listeners on a journey, as evidenced in your performances at iconic venues like Fabric London and Watergate?

Niki Sadeki: New York’s unique blend of cultures and its fast-paced, dynamic energy have taught me to be more adventurous and experimental in my music selections, allowing me to create sets that are not just sets but experiences for the audience. The city’s vibrant, diverse, and ever-evolving music scene has exposed me to a wide array of sounds and styles, shaping my musical taste and influencing the diversity and energy in my sets. The confidence that my music can take listeners on a journey has been reinforced by my performances at iconic venues like Fabric London and Watergate. These experiences have honed my ability to read and respond to the crowd, curating musical journeys that resonate with diverse audiences. The key is understanding the mood, the moment, and the audience, and then weaving tracks together in a way that tells a story, evoking emotions, and creating a shared experience.

EG: Beyond your music career, what are your interests and passions, and how do they influence your creative process as an artist? Also, what’s on the horizon for Nikki Niki Sadeki in the coming year?

Niki Sadeki: I have a deep interest in photography and documentary filmmaking, as well as a passion for reading books and learning new skills. These interests significantly influence and enhance my creative process as an artist.

In the coming year, I have a couple of exciting releases in the pipeline that I’m really excited about. Additionally, I’m working on a few collaborations that promise to bring some fresh and dynamic sounds to the table. There are also a couple of remixes in the works that I’m eager to share. Apart from these projects, I’ll continue traveling and performing throughout the year. I’m particularly looking forward to connecting with audiences around the world, bringing my music to new places, and sharing it with diverse crowds. It’s set to be a year filled with music, travel, and engaging with fans globally.

EG: Thank you for your time, Nikki Niki Sadeki! We’re thrilled to learn more about your artistic journey and the stories behind ‘Secret Serenade.’ Take care!

Niki Sadeki: You’re welcome! It’s been a pleasure sharing about my artistic journey and the stories behind ‘Secret Serenade.’ Thank you for the engaging conversation and your interest in my work.

Niki Sadeki’s ‘Secret Serenade’ is out now via Kindisch. Stream and download here.

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