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Ninshū drops new ‘Eri Madlieri’ LP via Blessed Cross Records

Featuring 8 new original compositions.

Tbilisi-born, Amsterdam-based multi-instrumentalist Ninshū has unveiled his latest studio album with the release of ‘Eri Madlieri’, his first LP for Italian imprint Blessed Cross Records. The record is now available to stream and purchase across all major platforms.

‘Eri Madlieri’ means ‘a grateful nation’ in Georgian. This album is dedicated to the importance of gratitude in our lives. In my opinion, the Georgian nation and, generally speaking, people need gratitude to be sequenced and open to the challenges of life. Feeling gratitude improves our physical and mental health. It gives us self-acknowledgment and helps to clarify the perception of the world in a right or better way. The album says: ‘let’s be more grateful with ourselves and share the gratitude with each other’. So that is the main message behind ‘Eri Madlieri’, said the Georgian artist recently during an exclusive interview with Electronic Groove.

Listen to Ninshū’s ‘Eri Madlieri’ below, and pick up your copy of the album here.

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