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Noé Solange explores self-discovery with ‘Rise’

Each track represents a specific stage in the journey of growth.

Photo credit: Noé Solange – Official

London-based artist Noé Solange has recently released her introspective EP titled ‘Rise’. This 4-track project takes listeners on a journey of personal growth, healing, and self-discovery.

The EP starts with the instrumental interlude ‘Sakura’, inspired by Noé’s upbringing in Japan. This track captures a sense of growth, optimism, and renewal with enchanting harp melodies, ethereal synths, and emotive violins. The title track ‘Rise’ further develops these emotions, gradually building a hopeful ambiance with plucked instrumentation, deep pads, and synths. Noé’s dreamy vocals symbolize new beginnings and happier moments.

‘Bloom’ continues the journey, featuring shimmering yangqin strings, uplifting arpeggios, and vocals accompanied by skilled drumming. Co-produced with Shafkkat, ‘Wilting’ takes a more introspective and moody direction. Noé’s vocals intertwine with piercing drums, synths, and an ambient symphony of sounds.

Reflecting on the EP, Noé Solange explains, “Just like in nature, we each have our own unique journeys of growth, and I wanted each track to reflect a specific stage in this transformation – the gradual rise into bloom, navigating through moments of wilting before blossoming into newer versions of ourselves. It’s a constant cycle, with each stage holding its own inherent beauty.”

Listen to ‘Rise’ below and get your copy here.

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