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Music And Arts Come Together At Noisily Festival

Music and Arts come together at Noisily Festival

WOW what a ride, we’re still basking in the aftermath of  taking these 4 days off the grid, reconnecting with nature and catching up with the crème de la crème of the UK music family ! Noseley Hall is such a fantastic location for a festival of this size, covered in canopies of trees that were all decorated like a fairy land of lights and WOW the lasers were phenomenal. This edition of Noisily Festival really leveled up a few notches, and this year in a big way.

The Noisily stage surpassed all expectations with its consistently heaving dance floor, and some of the best techno there is out there. Its sexy, funky, deep grooves kept you engaged like an all encompassing heartbeat coming from the earth itself. Dave Seaman, Dnox & Beckers, James Monro, and the new tech-mex on the block Jossie Telch simply tore it up! 

The Treehouse stage was filled with superb eclectic beats and a widely varying range of genres. Highlights for me were Grouch in Dub, Nick Interchill, and my favourite by far was surely New Zealanders Pitch Black. Delicious dub, wonky beats and just enough wobble! 

The Liquid Stage featured the who’s who of the psy-trance family including acts like Tristan, Headroom & Avalon and was packed from opening at mid-day on Friday, until close on Sunday night. With one of the sickest stage designs we’ve ever seen, it’s truly an eye to behold.

The only down part? We have another 360 days until the next one! Keep it coming Noisily, it was truly something majick ! x

By Robin Triskele

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