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Nomad In The Dark – Hiding Place – Dance Artifakts

Nomad In The Dark – Hiding Place – Dance Artifakts

In his latest track, Hiding Place, producer, DJ and remixer Nomad In The Dark creates a complex, multi-layered cornucopia of eclectic sounds, encased in a deep, slow-burning progressive house vibe. Released by Dance Artifakts, it comes accompanied by three different versions from Between Ourselves, Neil Flynn and Aquariox that exploit the track’s many dimensions.

Nomad In The Dark reaches into his vast collection of influences and applies them to very good effect, crafting layers of sounds inspired by music from around the world and laying them beside a steady beat. From the start, the track generates a dense atmosphere where deep, grumbling bass plays along singing, gliding bells, slowly building up to an irresistible groove that picks you up and carries you along for the ride. Ethnic percussion instruments are coupled with vocal samples that give the tune a Middle-Eastern flavor, all skillfully crafted and produced, turning out a flowing, moving piece that feels like it takes you outside of the confines of the dancefloor.

Irish duo Between Ourselves increase the BPM a little and put the beat up front in their remix, turning the deep, hypnotic original into a more dance-oriented version of itself. It still carries the original´s soulful ethnicity and mellow vibe, but adds a tougher rhythm and a swooping bassline to give it a stronger groove.

Neil Flynn’s remix explores the track´s expansive side by drenching its samples in echo and reverb, opening up the spaces while a cushion of bass pushes the beat forward. An ominous piano line, coupled with the percussion and the echoing samples, gives it an otherworldly feel that takes on a tribal quality as well.

Aquariox retains the progressive house sound of the original, relying on loopy repetition to produce an enveloping, engaging version, drenched in light and melody.

Overall, this is an elegant release from Dance Artifakts that draws from the compelling and emotional aspects of the finest progressive house and adds a fresh, new ethnic sound that plays very well with the nuances of the style. Nomad In The Dark’s Hiding Place is a track that makes both the mind wander and the feet move, and its respective remixes do it proper justice, highlighting some of its more interesting aspects and adding new perspectives to its sound, turning this EP into a very well-rounded record.

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