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Nomad In The Dark Releases ‘Hiding Places’

Nomad In The Dark releases ‘Hiding Places’

The EP is now available on digital format.

American DJ and Producer Nomad In The Dark had just released his latest work titled ‘Hiding Places’ with remixes by Aquariox, Between Ourselves, and Neil Flynn.

The original version generates a dense atmosphere where deep, grumbling bass plays along singing, gliding bells, slowly building up to an irresistible groove that picks you up and carries you along for the ride.

Nomad In The Dark’s ‘Hiding Place’ is a track that makes both the mind wander and the feet move, and its respective remixes do it proper justice, highlighting some of its more interesting aspects and adding new perspectives to its sound, turning this EP into a very well-rounded record.

The release is out on Dance Artifakts, get your copy here.

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