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NORLYZ – Djembé – NORLYZ Music

The electro-acoustic live band NORLYZ unites the warmth and fragility of acoustic instruments with the precision and power of the electronics: captivating grooves rich in fine sonic details, inspired by techno, world music, and jazz. Guiding the audience, NORLYZ embarks with them on a journey through parallel worlds, mystical lands, and cinematic soundscapes.

While following an intricate dramaturgy, the project leaves space for creative improvisation between the 4 musicians aiming to elevate each other and the overall experience. Now, fresh from their performance at Fusion Festival, the band is behind the drop of ‘Djembé’, their first release ever.

A slow-burning affair that patiently bides its time before imploding into a sultry bonfire, brimming with life and energy, ‘Djembé’ sees NORLYZ walking the tightrope higher than ever before in a gripping act that defies the senses. Arousing, the piece shyly unfurls over the sound of a restless hang drum before it becomes entangled to a swelling low end and white noise, only for the ensemble to dissipate into thin air, breaking new ground for a tantalizing sonic tapestry.

In this new act, a saxophone steps into the blinding lights, leading a steady percussive motif over gravel and grit as they make their way to a spellbinding twist in the narrative. Here, we are blindsided by an arresting horn and cello riff accompanied by a bass clarinet, elevating ‘Djembé’ to new heights beyond sight. Unveiling a view that seemed unimaginable during the opening seconds, NORLYZ clearly trust the chemistry they have honed with every member interlocking at crucial points for a dazzling act that exudes a knack for flair and showmanship throughout a grandiose finale.

NORLYZ’s ‘Djembé’ is out now via NORLYZ Music. Grab your copy of the single here.


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