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Not Another drops ‘Tapes From A Future’s Past’ remix package

Featuring reinterpretations by Etyen and Alex Justino.

After the success of the ‘Melon Blush – Space Coconut’ remixes EP, Brazilian imprint Not Another is now betting on the same format for the reinterpretations of Be Morais’ ‘Tapes From A Future’s Past’.

With the album released back in May 2019, ‘Tapes From A Future’s Past’ now returns to the catalog under the eyes of Alex Justino and Etyen through remixes that preserve the essence of the tracks ‘Eyes Closed’ and ‘Destroying Reality’. Etyen brings a more spatial and sensitive atmosphere to ‘Eyes Closed’, while Alex Justino conjures a more cathartic mood for his take on ‘Destroying Reality’.

Listen to the remix edition of ‘Tapes From A Future’s Past’ below.

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