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Nowhere Repeats In London With ‘Wastelands’ Event

Nowhere repeats in London with ‘Wastelands’ event

A stellar lineup involved.

Since its birth and first gig at Cuckoo club early this year, Nowhere has developed a reputation for bringing the vibes of Burning Man to the soul of the British capital city. The philosophy behind the party is to appreciate that we all go through phases of being lost and not knowing where we are travelling. The unknown and mysterious passages of existence which everyone experiences are only temporary, one can only navigate the best way forward. Through the nomadic wandering, eventually you’ll go from lost to found, the soul goes from Nowhere to Now Here.

‘Wastelands’ concept is that of an integration of organic and native sounds, promoting the more instinctive natures of the audience. The eclectic music consists of tribal, trance and house which takes the listener on a phonic pilgrimage to the meditative state of conscious raving and simply embracing the sounds of the present.

This new event taking place will show at Koko in Camden on April 14th, and will feature Behrouz, Kenny Glasgow, Nico Stojan and Sacha Muki.

Nowhere events have been linked with funds such as Crisis and Leonardo De Caprio foundations, where money from all events are donated to aid in global warming and homelessness. For more info, click here.

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