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New York City On ‘lockdown’ As Coronavirus Spreads Statewide

New York City on ‘lockdown’ as Coronavirus spreads statewide

New York is coming to terms with new state-issued social distancing regulations, as the number of COVID-19 cases rises nationwide. On Tuesday, March 17th,  the city will close all nightclubs and concert venues. Meanwhile, restaurants, bars, and cafes will be limited to take-out and delivery.

This past Thursday, March 12th, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a series of ‘mass gathering’ regulations, that went into full effect on Friday, March 13th. The two key impositions —a ban on mass gatherings of over 500 attendees, and a new requirement for events with under 500 individuals to cut their capacity in half— have deeply shaken the electronic music scene. As a direct consequence, venues across NY had to limit their working hours, postpone events and even announce temporary closures.

As of now, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Avant Gardner, Nowadays, public records and Good Room have all indefinitely shut their doors. House Of Yes closed down “for the next week or more,” while Knockdown Center and its techno venue, BASEMENT, are pulling the blinds starting tomorrow. Also, Elsewhere announced a week-long temporary closure until the third week of March. As of Sunday, Mood Ring closed its doors as well, and radio station HalfMoonBK has announced it will be postponing all parties and in-house radio programming.

state of emergency has been declared in New York City, as the number of infected jumped to a suspected total of 95 on Thursday. With 950 cases reported across the state, and 463 cases in the city, New York now contains the highest number of people with COVID-19 in the United States.

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