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Oi – Interstellar – Powder Music

Trippy in a class of its own, Oi’s latest 5-track outing promises a spaced-out run down the electronic cosmos. Now available via Made In TLV’s Powder Music, ‘Interstellar’ is a bold statement from the Tel-Aviv-based artist, as he serves up a heady cocktail of entertainment and enthusiasm.

Transmissions commence with the titular ‘Interstellar’, where we run into a haze of cosmic debris that unfurls over restless percussive hits, until it collides against vibrant house chords before it collapses upon itself, paving the way for a rugged groove. Now strutting over a bouncy low-end in full swing, Oi unleashes an engaging rapped section to kick things into gear and then switches the mood with a Balearic-style guitar solo to bring it back home again with one last throwdown under flavorful rhythmic patterns and a twist of magic.

Continuing with the energy harnessed on ‘Interstellar’, Oi sets the course for ‘Orion’. Here, an irrepressible bassline thrusts us down an endless tunnel, where house-laced party vocals rummage through the background as we cycle through heavy-handed percussion, neon keys, and a handful of sass. Somewhere in the daze, trumpets take centerstage under the lights, leading to a most welcomed acidic sequence that expands the borders of Oi’s universe even further.

On our third stop, the Israeli producer introduces us to ‘Sirius’, a place that welcomes us with the diverse sounds of its autochthonous fauna as it comes alive over an Afro-inspired frame. In time, chopped Spanish vocals repeat themselves for a hypnotic effect that drives the piece forward before a delectable bassline gets our hips swaying. Powered by some creative storytelling, ‘Sirius’ switches gears at will, showcasing Oi’s boundless imagination.

Deep into our voyage, the fourth detour, ‘Neptune’, is a funk-laced take on minimalistic tech house. Grippingly flavorful, the cut strides with absolute confidence, making the most of each beat with a spacious design before muted guitar licks take the front end as they cut through sugary vocal stabs in an unmissable bid to “get down”.

The last piece on Oi’s vibrant ‘Interstellar’ is ‘Jupiter’, his collaboration with Israeli DJ/producer Oska. Complex in its design, ‘Jupiter’ boasts a skitterish groove adorned with reverb-drenched hits and vocal discourse that wrap around a massive low-end sequence. With the foundations in place, Oi & Oska tease a tantalizing lead that is eventually allowed to run rampant before being leashed again in a dazzling act of control.

Colorful and arousingly broad, Oi’s ‘Interstellar’ pains a bold picture that lights up at every twist and turn as its creator pushes the boundaries of his world with 5 cuts that traverse in and out of a myriad of genres.

Oi’s ‘Interstellar’ is out now via Powder Music. Find your copy here.

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