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Oliver Koletzki presents ‘Schneeweiss 12’

Composed of 15 songs by various artists.

The twelfth installment of the compilation ‘Schneeweiss’, by Stil Vor Talent, was presented by Oliver Koletzki, head of the label. The album is composed of songs by artists such as Malandra Jr., Julian Wassermann, Brigado Crew, Kellerkind, Los Cabra and Lonya, Hidden Empire, Lazarusman, Koletzki himself, and many more.

In their press release, the label team indicates that this new compilation album ‘stands at the intersection of the musical and cultural environment of Oliver Koletzki’s now Berlin, acting as a timeless sound capsule for years to come.’

Get ‘Schneeweiss 12: Presented by Oliver Koletzki’ here.

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