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Olsvangèr – Mental Contest (Karakter Records)

Olsvangèr – Mental Contest (Karakter Records)

From rising talent in Tel Aviv’s boiling underground scene comes ‘Mental Contest’ EP, a three-track collection inspired, in the own artist’s words, “not on the peak moments of the night but by the alternative spaces that the music attracts there”.

The release includes two original tracks, the first of which delicately blends a deep bassline with dark synth melodies and hard but clean drum hits. Olsvangèr’s own vocal samples appear intermittently in the background making the composition even trippier. The second track is a dance-friendlier production with a driving acid synth lead backed with strong african percussion loops. In both compositions space is the focus and the meticulous reverberation clearly proves that.

A remix by Russian duo Panorama Collective rounds off the EP with a more straight-forward and faster paced techno cut that entails an electro driven bassline but that does not ignore Olsvangèr’s key spacey sounds.

Somewhere between weird and beautiful, Olsvangèr’s work resembles the spaces it is inspired on and promises a lot from an up and coming producer that is proving originality and depth in his sound.

Olsvangèr’s ‘Mental Contest’ EP is already available on Karakter Records.

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