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Ordinary People confirms new showcase at Akasha Ibiza

The collective is formed by Francesca Lombardo, Anthony Middleton, and Bartolomeo.

Ordinary People is set to return to Akasha Ibiza for its second edition on Friday, June 28th, 2024. The event series aims to reshape the underground music scene, bypassing commercialism and label influence to preserve the genre’s authenticity and passion.

Formed by Francesca Lombardo, Anthony Middleton, and Bartolomeo, Ordinary People is more than just a record label, or event brand—it’s magnetism and love, the forces that ignited the scene. This isn’t about money or fame; it’s a passionate mission to revive the core values of underground house music and reintroduce them back into mainstream culture,” they stated on socials.

For the second date on June 28th, Anthony Middleton, Francesca Lombardo, and a surprise guest will be in charge of  the DJ booth.

Known for its Friday night events, Akasha Ibiza is a beacon for innovative and sustainable music. They are committed to promoting a diverse range of artists, from local talents to internationally renowned artists

For more information and tickets click here.

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