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Kahlil Crawford’s ØRGΛN C1TY explores urban futurism and artistic expression

The book is a collaboration with illustrator Mariette Papić.

Kahlil Crawford and Mariette Papić have collaborated to release ØRGΛN C1TY, a debut collection that combines prose, poetry, and illustrations. The art book explores underground dance music, and life as a “metarhythm,” offering a fresh perspective on urban futurism and universal subculture.

ØRGΛN C1TY started as a webzine in 2020 and ended as an exploration of a future city governed by nature’s laws. It encourages people to be creative and express themselves without compromise. It also highlights that creativity can lead to recognition, curiosity, and the fulfillment of dreams.

The book’s illustrations depict a future city that is both beautiful and chaotic. The prose and poetry explore the ways in which people from different backgrounds can come together to create a shared culture.

Musically, ØRGΛN C1TY showcases unconventional genres such as UK jungle/drum ‘n bass, Detroit techno, Chicago house, broken beat, acid jazz, trip-hop, and be-bop. These genres act as gateways for escapism, allowing readers to transcend global turmoil and chaos.

The book, designed by Amanda Acevedo, is a celebration of creativity and a guide to a better future. It encourages readers to embrace their creativity and use it to make the world a better place.

ØRGΛN C1TY  is exclusively available at Blurb Books and Google Play.

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