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Øulitis – The Mantra – Prototype Music

Innovation and quality are two pillars that shape the concept of Prototype Music since its first steps as a label. With an impeccable curatorship, at each release, the label renews itself reinforcing the quality of its work and revealing new names to the electronic music market.

All this summarizes well the work presented in recent years and, once again, in its new release the EP ‘The Mantra’ by Turkish artist Øulitis, which arrived on all platforms on Friday, May 5th, 2023.

With two original tracks and a remix, the EP brings firm techno roots but brings renewal from the unique sound of Øulitis, who takes influences from his background to compose this work. This cultural reference is seen most strongly in the opening track ‘Divine Mantras’, which features resonant vocals chanting, as the name suggests, a mantra. Meanwhile, a subtle and pulsating bass line, along with bold synthesizers make up the progressive rhythm of the track, which slowly gains strength.

In the same vein, ‘Feel Inside’ follows this intimate and self-reflection atmosphere, which the EP is based on, but builds a more melancholic composition, marked by layers and textures, with a touch of psychedelia. The song still features a reinterpretation by French producer Out of Frame, which takes us on a reflective journey, exploring a variety of synths in a nocturnal mood, perfect for the dancefloors.

Øulitis’ ‘The Mantra’ EP is out now via Prototype Music. Purchase your copy here.

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