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Out Of Sorts share 10 inspirational tracks

It’s easy to assume that Out Of Sorts came from Out Of Knowhere when their spirited first remix made its way into the hands of Kompakt Records and gained attention from some of electronica’s most seasoned captains. However, something about their productions tells you they didn’t – a bold entity lurks within those modern grooves and nostalgic moods, telling us we’re not dealing with lucky amateurs.

Out Of Sorts was always there – it is the nickname for their imaginary friend from childhood, who’s acted as both muse and totem spirit for all of their creative projects since. And now, after huge international success under a different moniker, they have embraced these characters in the shadows to embody a sound that’s difficult to pigeonhole, rendering the past almost irrelevant.

Most recently, the bros and their band of merry pranksters —who have been notching up releases on revered labels around the globe— needed to create a space to tell their stories; to share their Beat & Path. Nurturing talent from across New Zealand and Australia, Beat & Path is harnessing their musical strengths and they are now manifesting as a label of international distinction.

Here they share 10 inspirational tracks that helped paved the way to their latest Beat & Path release, ‘Figure of Speech’.

RAMPA – Terrace – Keinemusik

“So simple and yet so effective. The groove is infectious. This guy knows how to bring the heat.. Pure banger!! Big Fan of Rampa!”

Superpitcher – Rabbits In A Hurry – Kompakt

“Cross over electronic music at its finest.. This Track was the stand-out track for me from his 2010 Album – Kilimanjaro. Especially love the raw live distorted bass guitar.. it repeats over and over and is definitely the hook of the track. Super catchy. The thermion sound that he uses takes you to another place! Bring Back Super Pitcher!”

Mano Le Tough – Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix) – Permanent Vacation

“Anything Mano touches is gold in my opinion. The tale of us remix adds another Layer of epicness. So much depth and contrasting layers. Amazing production and wow what a journey.”

Howling, Frank Weidemann, RY X – Bind (Rampa Remix) – Counter Records

“Again. Rampa. That man is a genius. His laid back simplistic approach is truly amazing. A big inspiration to me. This track is a Tom roll and a deep piano progression basically. The vocal has it all. So much mystery and intrigue. Ry x. So much depth in his message. Real honest song writing.”

Mano Le Tough – Aye Aye Mi Mi – Pampa Records

“Mano strikes again. Maybe I need to branch out a bit. But yeah can’t get enough of him. This track reminds me of Superpitcher. Loose live bass guitar lead and cool smooth catchy lyrics. Makes ya wanna dance! What a groove. The vocal treatment is delightful. Love the Mano le tough Manipulation there!.”

Impérieux – Still Minus (Original Mix) – KELLER

This track is from an artist I’ve only recently discovered ‘impèrièux’. This tune has it all. Deep as fuck! Groove central! The Atmosphere has this dark mysterious energy but at the same time, it’s light. Contrasting! The hi-hat treatment is killer. So simple following the lead groove. The occasional percussive fill that hits is slick as. This track is perfect from start to finish. Builds up, drops to nothing then starts again. Very unique sound. Super simple approach again.

Mike Tohr & Amari – Borax (Oliver Koletzki Rework) – Stil vor Talent

“I love this remix by Koletzki. Super smooth. Super groovy. Super vibey. The arpeggio hooks you in line and sinker from the get go. Head down in the speaker! The hi hats whisper along so delicately. Very nice example of a track that leaves you feeling like your floating above it all full of hope and inspiration.”

RÜFÜS – Interbloom (H.O.S.H Remix) – Sushi Records

“Love RUfusDuSols voice. This is more on the pop tip but these guys definitely have the crossover Appeal. The HOsh remix is exceptional, taking it to another place again. More on the underground tip, more depth and more interesting programming and sound scapes. This track is a creates many melt down moments on the dance floor.”

Maceo Plex & Gabriel Ananda – Solitary Daze – Ellum

“Maceo plex and Gabriel Anada at their best. One of the old favs from a few years back. Epic journey and perfect tune for bring in the sunrise setting! People are usually well rinsed when this one drops! Check it out and you’ll see why this is one is up there with the rest! Timeless piece of music!”

Andre Lodemann: Treasure (Frankey & Sandrino RMX) – Best Works Records

“What to say.. this track is absolutely stunning! The production is impeccable – F&S are truly gifted. The Vibe of this track is where its at! That Held grinding lead is so sick. Cowbell groove.. Its all yes.. Check it out”

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