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Outline Festival gets Cancelled

The festival, which was going to be held from 2-3 of July in the Russian capital got suddenly canceled by the local authorities. According to the authorities, the festival didn’t provide the correct licensing for the event.

The festival’s headliners included Ricardo Villalobos, Magda, Mathew Jonson, and Nastia who posted on Instagram: “OUTLINE got cancelled.. I still can’t believe that. The biggest and the most conceptual, interesting festival in the summer got meanly “killed” by Moscow’s prosecutor’s office 3 hours before the opening. It’s a global tragedy with kind of “russian style”. 20 000 people were there waiting for this big celebration of music and art we wait every year. I just have no words.. Terrible and disappointing. I am really worried how Arma17’s team gonna manage that and handle all money expenses in this situation. What I can say from my side – the best would be do not request money back for the tickets. Personally me – I am gonna give all money back which were spent on me as on artist. Only this way you can show your support and understanding.  I couldn’t stay in Moscow.. Without OUTLINE I have nothing to do in that city. On my way back home.  #outline #savetherave  #weloveoutline

The organizers released the following statement:

“This afternoon government officials entered the Outline grounds unannounced and prevented the organizers and workers from setting up the festival’s stages, installations and infrastructure—despite the fact that Outline applied for and received all permits and licenses necessary to throw the event in a legally appropriate amount of time. Due to these unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, the festival was forced to close and was prohibited from moving to other venues in the city. Outline is deeply saddened by the authorities’ decision to shut down the event, and we sincerely regret the inconvenience to all of our guests in Moscow, throughout Russia and around the world. We would like to thank all of the artists, crew and volunteers who put so much love and time into building out all of the installations and stages on site. We would like to list the artists here who’s work will sadly not be exhibited.
Adil Aubekerov
Igor Skaletskiy
Laboratory ABC
Ekaterina Konovalova
Tatyana Ludanik
Vlad Omutov
Galya Chriva
Dashe Ilunga
Tanya Fabrique
Ilya Visokosov
Fedor Miller
Vitai Viazi
Lisa Shahno
Yan Kalnberzin & Polina Bakhtina
Daria Tihonova
Roman Fedorov
Ilya Gureev
Laboratory ABC
Pavlik Kuznetsov
Ivan Ninety
Antonia Lev
Ura Ulchinson
Kieran Behan (Crystal Mafia)
Marie Alice Brandner-Wolfszahn – (Crocodilopolis)
Idan Hayosh & Morten J. Olsen
Pim Palsgraaf
Willem Besselink
Daan Botlek
Mosa 87 + Pablo Tomek
Murat Adash
Cristian Wolf

Despite the devastating turn of events Outline will stand strong against the powers that be and continue to create spaces where we are free to do what we love.”

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