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Ova – Godless – First Light Records

Artwork by Ella Yolande 

Manchester-based electronic trio Ova deliver their new EP ‘Godless,’ a synth-pop collection that harmonically blends atmospheric lo-fi synthesizers, rumbling basslines, deep kicks, and celestial sounding vocals.

Kicking off with ‘Open Wide,’ this first track represents the general range of moods that the collection captures as a whole. Starting with just whispered vocals and an echo of distant synths, it progressively adds rhythmic elements like subtle hats and percussions, which equally make you want to dance as much as dream.

The second track, ‘N4GETU,’ explores the complex feeling of nostalgia with deep emotional lyrics that reference the conflicting thoughts of a time that is no longer in reach, a feeling that resonates throughout the EP.

‘KYS’ follows the uplifting drive of the previous with a deeper ambient production that fills the sound spectrum with rich ethereal voices and long, wide synths, barely making use of drums.

Last but not least, ‘Godless’ collects elements from the other songs, featuring drone synths, soft vocals, and an uplifting arpeggiated lead melody that turns it into the most melancholic one of the release. It succeeds in leaving the listener with a feeling of unsettling completion, perfectly closing out an EP that sends out a consistent message with unique and carefully molded sounds and compositions.

Ova’s ‘Godless’ is available now. Grab your copy here.

1. Ova – Open Wide
2. Ova – N4GETU
3. Ova – KYS
4. Ova – Godless

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