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Ovandra Debuts On Ahrpe Records

Ovandra debuts on Ahrpe Records

The project borns from the union of French artists Amandra and Ovend.

Ahrpe Records heads, Amandra and Ovend, joined forces to work on new material, which will be released under the name of Ovandra. His first experiment is a nine-track EP entitled ‘Retrofuture’.

After meeting for two weeks in their Warsaw studio, the artists managed to create a balanced and moving sound that blurs the lines between techno and trance.

‘Retrofuture’ will be available on vinyl next March 15th, and in digital format on March 29th.

Listen to the snippets below and grab your copy here.


A1 Dolphin
A2 French Kiss
B1 Souvenir Souvenir
B2 Retrofuture
C1 Wet Sahara
C2 Ocean Interlude
C3 Champion
D1 Golden Vanilla
D2 Coucher De Soleil

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