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OXIA selects ten records that influenced his early mixing and production

Hailing from Grenoble, France, OXIA is one of the most respected DJs and producers on the international house and techno circuit, with a career spanning over twenty years, countless releases and multiple world tours.

On top of an impressive list of remixes and releases on respected imprints such as Bedrock, Sapiens, REDIMENSION, 8bit, Hot Creations, Saved and Knee Deep in Sound to name just a few, he also fronts his own label, Diversions Music, alongside long-time friend and label partner Nicolas Masseyeff.

Following a huge contribution to Joseph Capriati’s Metamorfosi Remix album back in April, OXIA now releases his next huge cut ‘Shadows’ on Lee Burridge’s inimitable All Day I Dream imprint as part of their huge ‘Summer Sampler’.

To mark the occasion, we caught up with Olivier to find out the ten records that influenced him the most when he started mixing and producing.

01. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body

“One of the first Chicago house tracks, released in 1986 and a true house anthem. It was with this track, among some others, that I got to discover house music. It was only a few years later though, that my friends and I realised that this was a musical revolution…”

02. Inner City – Goodlife (Mayday Mix)

“From Chicago to Detroit with another great classic, produced by Kevin Saunderson in 1988. We felt the first techno sounds were reaching us.”

03.Jeff Mills – The Dancer

“We stay in Detroit with this icon. I actually could have chosen a lot of tracks by Jeff Mills. I was a fan of almost all he did, on Axis, on Purpose Maker and so on. I especially love the groove of this track and its pads, typical for the Detroit sound.”

04. Slam – Positive Education

“Direction Europe with the Scots: Slam. This is a great techno classic which I have always liked so much.”

05. Basic Channel – Q1.1

“We stay in Europe and head direction to Berlin with the emblematic producers Moritz von Oswald & Mark Ernestus. They’re regarded as the pioneers of minimal and dub techno. Even though you maybe can’t really define it from this specific track, released in 93.”

06. Choice – Acid Eiffel

“Probably one of the first French “techno” classics, produced by Laurent Garnier, Ludovic Navarre and Shazz in 1993. I’ve often said, this is probably one of my favorite tracks in electronic music!”

07. Dave Clarke – Red 2

“I remember when I heard this track for the first time. I thought to myself: wow, that power and energy!”

08. Emmanuel Top – Turkish Bazar

“We return to France with this hypnotic track, released in 1994. I love the progression of this track and of course its acid baseline. Another classic for me.”

09. Humate – Love Stimulation (LoveMix by Paul Van Dyk)

“After starting off with house and techno, I also turned a bit in the direction of melodic music, and even a little bit of trance for a while. For example this track which is a classic in the style, released in 1993.”

10. The Martian – Stardancer

“Another Detroit classic, produced by Mike Banks from UR. I’ve always found this an incredible track. It has such an amazing energy!”

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