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Pablo Hdez, O.ROBLES – Groove Indoor – FINNEST

Deep House imprint FINNEST is back on the dancefloors with its latest offer, courtesy of Pablo Hernandez and Oliver Robles. Hailing from Tenerife, the pair are the latest inductees into FINNEST’s ‘Underground Series’ catalog with an energetic two-tracker, their collaborative ‘Groove Indoor’ EP.

With the drop of the needle on the titular ‘Groove Indoor’, dense kicks tread with aplomb over mangled, skittish percussive motifs before Pablo Hdez & O.ROBLES device an unrestrainable bassline. Irresistible, the solid jet-black low-end coerces listeners into a freefall, diving through neon chords, detuned vocal stabs, and a myriad of effects for a highly intoxicating late nite journey bound to keep those restless soles moving and shuffling until the first rays of light in true underground fashion.

On the B-side, ‘Wood KS’ presents hypnotic pads that ebb and flow between echoing vocals and an imposing groove, swaying in an entrancing manner as it leads us to a gripping bassline, unveiling an ever-shifting landscape. Refined in its narrative, ‘Wood KS’ unfurls in zero gravity, almost weightless, showcasing a more playful side to Pablo Hdez & O.ROBLES, who are more than comfortable with letting loose and digging their toes in the sand with this delectable sugar rush.

A most refreshing take on the genre, Pablo Hdez & O.ROBLES’ new ‘Groove Indoor’ EP is certainly a compelling addition to the ever-vibrant FINNEST catalog, while showcasing some pure chemistry between the Spanish producers.

Pablo Hdez & O.ROBLES’ new ‘Groove Indoor’ EP is out now on FINNEST. Purchase your copy here.

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